The Penis Mightier

Well, I mean, if you can think of a better place to keep your pens, I’d love to hear it.

(That’d be Nuder Than Nude, playing with his new above-the-scrotum urethral reroute. There’s actually a really great discussion going on in the comments of the last urethral reroute post, with Nuder Than Nude at the center of it. Highly recommended reading.)

25 thoughts on “The Penis Mightier

  1. i just gotta thank Nuder Than Nude for all the reroute info on the other thread, very interesting

    as a side note how do you keep everything so smooth down there?? stubble is such a pain, i must do something wrong…

  2. Dave,

    Sure hope the reroute info can be of some value to someone.

    Since puberty I hated body hair, especially pubic hair and had searched for years for a method that actually worked. After years of trying about everything, I stumbled upon a home electrolysis unit called “Inverness – One Touch” that used a stylus. It was relatively inexpensive and the principle behind how it worked made sense. It took about a month to remove the hair from my pubic triangle (coarse hairs are easy to remove). Not expecting this method to work either you can imagine my surprise, when after several months, only a couple of hairs returned.

    I removed those stragglers, and loved the baby smooth, sensitive to the touch skin so much I continued with the rest of my genital area, chest / stomach, underarms and legs. (over a period of a couple of years – mostly in the winter)

    What a pleasure it is to not have to deal with stubble or constant shaving (or plucking) anymore!

  3. well, if that’s the result… what color hair was it before you zapped it? and how coarse? because if it was dark or wiry, you’re the best damn advertisement for that product on the planet. i’m fricking jealous.

  4. Briny Deep,
    My hair was brown and probably normally coarse, however my pubic hair was coarser (as I suspect is normally the case) than that on the rest of my body. Its just that since you have to guide the stylus (fine wire) along the shaft of the hair beneath the surface of the skin to the follicle its a lot easier with coarse hair. Fine hairs are more difficult to follow.

    I’m certain you can get the same results from professional electrolysis for a lot more money. but the success rate per session is dependent on the electrical current level used. The more current, the higher the kill rate of follicles, but the greater the chances for discomfort. I think a lot of professionals tend to use lower current levels because there is less discomfort to the customer and a happier customer. The other upside for them is that it leads to an increased number of sessions $$$$$! With the DIY method you can control the discomfort easier because you are in control and can use a higher current level resulting in fewer treatments. If done right, only one zapping is needed per hair!

  5. PS: If you want to know how long it takes… figure about 15 seconds per hair. that’s 4 a minute or 240 hairs per hour (roughly). Next mark a 1 inch square where you want to remove the hairs and count the number of hairs in that square. From there you can get a rough idea of how long it would take to clear a particular area.

  6. Not that I’m really considering it (I don’t want electrical currents near my crotch!) but hypothetically, would electrolysis be a bad idea if you have piercings?I have a week-old christina,and because the bottom ball exits between where my outer labia meet,and hair (obviously)grows there,you’d have to get right in there,near the piercing.And we all know metal + electricity is generally a bad idea.

    Also, how big is the reroute hole, NuderThanNude?
    And,I’ve never tried sounding,so I’ve no experience of the sensations, but does sounding the reroute hole feel different to sounding your penis?

  7. wow thanks so much for that info. im definitly going to give that a try, the results look great on you

  8. Aimee,

    WOW, a christina! My favorite female piercing!

    The electric current is very small (micro-amps) (you could send more current through your body by handling a AA battery).Besides it is not the electric current that kills the follicle directly it just causes a chemical reaction that creates a very small amount of a substance that actually kills the hair root. You know when you’ve killed the follicle if you see a tiny drop of the white substance come out along the hair at the surface of the skin and if the hair slides out afterward without any resistance. If it doesn’t you can just zapp it again. You have absolutely no cause for concern from such a small amount of current anywhere on your body.

    The only problem I could see with a piercing near by is that it may get in the way then using the stylus. The stylus is such a fine wire that it bends very easily if bumped against something. If you touched the jewelery with the stylus you might feel a slight tingle at the worst.

    My current reroute hole is actually oblong shaped and is roughly 3mm X 7mm however I just did my final cutting which should bring me to my goal of 3mm X 10mm. Even though the hole is oblong the skin is so flexible that I can get a 13mm (1/2 inch) round object in it. That is actually a larger diameter than my urethra can handle.

    If you’ve never done sounding you don’t know what you are missing. At first it is a little scary but after the first time it is orgasmic! (for both sexes). The feel with sounding through the reroute is about the same however the additional enjoyment it is more mental and visual. Just be careful to keep things clean. UTIs aren’t fun.

  9. lovedarling,

    That’s the great thing about the internet (and this site) – you learn something new every day!

    Sounding is inserting an object, either flexible or rigid, hard or soft, into your urethra. The inner urethral tissue is so sensitive that there is such an bizarre and sensual feeling that you want to orgasm immediately (at least I do).

    I started doing it before puberty out of curiosity to see where my pee hole actually went to. I used a piece of rope from a window blind that I lubed up with Vaseline. Next I used a piece of fish tank tubing that I washed with hot water and soap. What a surprise it was when I made it to the bladder and urine started to come out. I’ve been doing it with different objects ever since and had only found out a couple of years ago others were doing it also and that it was called sounding.

    Got a UTIs in the process but it was worth it and hasn’t stopped me. I’m just more careful to make sure things are really clean now.

  10. Thanks for all the info NuderthanNude
    You know youre stuff and youre very informative :)

  11. that lack of stubble and razor bumps is pretty impressive.

    the ink pen in the dick… well thats kinda cool too

    actually… its really cool.. im just jealous. im torn between wanting an ampalang and a prince albert… but no one will do an ampalang here since “Rings of Desire” closed in New Orleans.

  12. Hi NuderThanNude,

    I’ve been away for a couple of days and suddenly you are a star and I am forgotten :-)

    If you don’t mind, we can continue the discussion here — after all this posting is about you.

    Picking up from #63 in the other thread.
    Peeing in the woods. I would disagree that all women use tissues when peeing in the woods. If you are a true hiker — what would you do with the used paper? Put it in the pocket? Take off your backpack, find the plastic bag, put it inside? Find out who is carrying a shovel, dig the hole and put it in? Find the matches and burn the paper (and risk the fire)?

    In my experience, a more common way is to either wear a pantyliner and pack it in plastic or burn it at the end of the day. Or just let the underwear take the drops and wash it (or pack if the hike is short or not enough water available).

    However, my understanding is that these options are not available to you — neither a pantyliner not the undewear will dry your scrotum. Do you agree?

    When your penis is flaccid, how far from the scrotum would you say the opening is?

    Do you use sounds on the “unused” part of the urethra? How do you keep it clean?

  13. Hi JKo and welcome back ;)

    I guess the answer to your question would be – the same thing a “true female hiker” would do. In desert (dry) conditions burying tissue under stones or soil is a no-no because in a such dry environment the tissue doesn’t decompose but in moist environments it isn’t a problem. The same circumstances exists if I were a guy and had to do #2 (from my childhood memory peeing is #1).

    When my penis is flaccid, my reroute hole touches my scrotum. When my penis is erect the hole is in the thicker band where the scrotum starts on the shaft. As a matter of fact, I just cut the reroute hole larger (in line with the urethra toward the scrotum) just over a week ago. I left a 7 mm bridge and cut another 7mm round hole with a dermal punch. Later, I cut the bridge out with a razor blade. The hole is definitely into the scrotum because I could see the opening leading into the scrotum between the outer layer of skin and the urethra. I was a little nervous that the urine would get into the scrotum until it healed over so I inserted a tunnel so the urine would exit through it. Everything is healing up well now.

    I haven’t done much sounding until about 2 weeks ago because I wanted to see if the old urethra would shrink in size if it wasn’t used. I haven’t done much to keep the old urethra clean and hadn’t noticed much of a problem. Maybe it’s because it stays pretty dry. I haven’t noticed any smells or irritation.

  14. And you are so right, even though you reroute isn’t behind the scrotum, what a great pen holder your’s makes!

  15. Hi again, NuderThanNude,

    Can’t keep up with things — I hope you are still around reading this.

    When you pee, do you lift your penis? Or just make everything wet and dry afterwards?
    How often do you pee in places other than sit down toilet?

    How is the reroute extension healing? Do you plan to make it even longer?

    My understanding is that you need to do something to keep the unused urethra clean. In our bodies we have self-cleaning places (urethra, vagina, colon) and places we clean (mouth, skin). But I could be mistaken here…

    Do you plan to do sounding of unused urethra now?

  16. Hi JKo,

    I still check in once in a while.

    I normally don’t have to lift my penis to pee but if my scrotum is tight (cold) I may have to pull it back first as it pushes forward over the hole and directs the stream forward. Normally the pee usually goes downward so the only thing to get wet is my scrotum which I just wipe afterward.

    I have never really sat down in public restrooms regardless of the reason I am in there. I usually just squat a little above the seat so this isn’t much different than doing #2 (in the past) for me. At home or places I know are clean I do sit and relax.

    The reroute is healing well and I have had the tunnel in for almost 2 weeks now so the hole doesn’t shrink as it heals. I did take it out for a couple of days figuring the hole would heal faster but didn’t like how much it shrunk in that time.

    I’m confident that this last cutting will be the final one. I was at about 95% of my goal previously. I do not want to make the hole too long because then the stream will be uninhibited as it exits the urethra and would continue to the front (under the penis). I’ve seen this in the past when I just removed the tunnel and the hole didn’t shrink yet. With the hole smaller the stream hits the other side of the hole and is directed downward. I originally wanted a round hole but the scrotum does push forward some and has a tendency to collapse a round hole some. So with the oblong hole it has more of a tendency to become round if it is compressed some lengthwise.

    I’m not too sure about what will be required over extended periods of time as far as cleaning. So far I haven’t had any issues with infection, irritation or foul smells. But once in a while the scrotum had covered the reroute some and a little pee came out of the tip, possibly flushing it out some. With the lengthened hole hopefully that shouldn’t happen so I’ll just have to wait and see. If I have to, I can flush some soapy water through it with an ear syringe when I’m in the shower.

    Yes, I would like to do some sounding with the unused urethra! I hadn’t done much so far as I wanted to see if the urethra would shrink if it wasn’t used. I thought that would help make all fluids come out of a smaller reroute hole. But that didn’t seem to happen.

    I appreciate your questions and hope that anyone reading this can learn from it.

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