Need your 15 minutes of fame?

I’ve gotten a number of media requests lately, so I’m posting them all here. If I hear back that they’re filled, I’ll update this entry, although I don’t always hear back so if more than a week or two has passed, there’s probably no point in writing these folks. Oh, and if you write them, tell them that Shannon from BME told you about it.

From: Sunny Foscue
Subject: Fear Factor

I am a Casting Director with NBC's "Fear Factor" and was wondering if youknew anyone for our upcoming "Freaks vs. Geeks" episode. The "Revenge of theTattooed Nerds" article was great, and I would love to get some of thosepeople on the show.

We are looking for guy/girl "Nerd" Teams to compete against "Freak Teams". Iwould love to talk to you more about the show if you are interested inhelping me out. ... Anyone that you have I would love to interview. Theycan just send me their info along with a picture to my email and we will getthem set up. We are looking for super freaks!


Sunny Foscue
[email protected]

Twwly mentions she’s looking for a few guys to hook up with her enticing friends for this show as well. Here’s another one. It’s definitely a fun little gig, I can’t give you more details publicly but if you’re in the NYC area, drop them a line. This is for filming tomorrow night.

From: [email protected]
Subject: TV Show looking for one pierced person

Major cable network TV show is looking for a heavily pierced person (maleor female) who appears 18 to 22 for a new show taping in midtown NYC.

Individual must be available for the show taping on the evening ofWednesday, September 28. If this is you, please email a photo and contactinfo to: [email protected]

Participants will be compensated

Here’s an interesting project for a suspension group or suscon organizer…

From: Jamie Friddle
Subject: Other Americans

I am researching eccentric communities and events in America for a pictorial essay titled Other Americans: underground . overground . off the grid. I am the team writer. We are in the middle of assembling a prototype for the book, as well as a proposal. You can read more about the project on our web site:

I am writing you because I'm interested in profiling one of the suspension/ritual cons. We think the body modification community is unique and, though not solely American, it is worth investigating for inclusion in our book. The final project will have 12-15 groups ranging from "way of life" subcultures to extreme sports.

Can you recommend a couple of suscons that occur annually? One of the subtexts of the book is that while old-school forms of community are slowly disintegrating, other forms of community, largely based on passions, are emerging.


Jamie Friddle, Writer
[email protected]
Other Americans

And one last one:

From: [email protected]
Subject: NYTimes writer looking for college students who got tat soon after getting to school and really freaked their parents out at Thanksgiving

Hey. I’m a NYTimes reporter writing a story on the conflict that tends to ensue between parents and “children” at freshman Thanksgiving break. For what it’s worth, I’ve got three tats and I used to have a naval piercing until my kid was born a few years ago. I remember all too vividly the shit that happened when I came home with my first tattoo — a black dahlia on my shoulder — at 18. I figure some current students have got to have some Thanksgiving horror stories.

[email protected].


Good luck, and if you end up doing one of these projects, drop me a line!

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