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These surface piercings on Melamori are by Vlad at Eurotattoo in Moscow, Russia. If I wasn’t entirely sure that this naive farmboy from smalltown Canada would probably get killed in the process, I’d love to take a swinging vacation across Eastern Europe, bringing many exotic stories (and STDs) back to North America after six months under a vodka haze.

OK, probably that’s not a good plan, for many reasons… But it would be fun up to a point.

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One thought on “More out of Moscow

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    Posted on 02-09-2006 00:12:34 by Eternal_Ice
    those are so hot

    Posted on 02-09-2006 04:58:24 by tisonlyi
    North America has more than enough of it’s own STD’s to begin with…

    Posted on 02-09-2006 10:42:18 by penski
    The Russian dude at work is rumoured to be ex-KGB.

    The fire alarm went off once and he dove over his desk.

    He scares me.


    Posted on 02-09-2006 13:49:57 by Rye
    Hey ive been there Shannon, trust me dont go….Canadian or not Russia is a very weird place….KGB still has powerful presence regardless

    Posted on 02-09-2006 15:59:15 by Sneezy
    Man the KGB rocks and i dont think that only the russians have the goods you know with all the canadians in the west growin them killer green buds

    Posted on 02-09-2006 20:31:36 by no nickname
    If you go, just don’t go by yourself after dark. My boyfriend’s brother went to a club there alone a couple years ago. He got mugged and went missing for a few days, his girlfriend found him in a hospital almost dead. He needed major facial reconstruction (in the US) for his nose, cheek bones and jaw but looks surprizingly normal now. He is from the former Soviet Union btw so he speaks Russian fluently but was in a slightly sketch area so I’m not saying the whole country is bad.

    Posted on 02-09-2006 23:57:30 by .
    If you go to Moscow, visit the underground! The tunnels go EVERYWHERE!

    Posted on 02-10-2006 13:59:30 by Lee
    Just imagine why those tunnels were originally installed there…not for good reasons….so its kinda offensive for you to make it seems like an amusement park .

    Posted on 02-10-2006 20:48:14 by outmywindow
    Well, if that’s how you’re going to think of things, people shouldn’t enjoy driving on the German Autobahn since it was originally intended as an efficient way to transport troops, prisoners of war, and munitions for the Third Reich.

    Also, when you say “originally,” how far back do you actually mean? Moscow is 850 years old — people started digging long before Stalin and the KGB. Long before Ivan the Terrible, even.

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