I am definitely going unsane.

Thanks to XunsaneX for this great steamy photo by Don from Southbound (and piercing by Jessika at River City Tattoo in Richmond, VA).

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One thought on “I am definitely going unsane.

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    Posted on 05-19-2006 00:13:21 by Kanga43
    OMG *jaw drops*
    Amazingly. Hot. To. The. Nth. Degree.
    Shoot me now and I’d die happy.

    Awesome photo and two very beautiful ladies indeed.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 00:56:33 by Manny
    Glider- whatever happened to you featuring more plus size women on modblog? I recall you mention it awhile back but haven’t seen any.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 01:50:52 by glider
    If you know any, tell them to send in pictures.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 02:03:33 by /
    the girl in the back looks freakin psycho

    Posted on 05-19-2006 02:46:59 by dilbert
    Is it just me or does it look like only one lovely in this picture?

    Posted on 05-19-2006 02:55:30 by dilbert
    Oops, forgot the word “lady” in there. Damn it’s late.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 04:22:48 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    at first glance i thought this photo was some kind of siamese twin double headed girl…

    Posted on 05-19-2006 10:24:18 by mpatshi

    Posted on 05-19-2006 18:01:12 by BadlyDrawnGirl

    Posted on 05-19-2006 21:47:26 by Bowel Movement.
    the girl in the back looks like a guy. At first glance anyways.. I had to look closely through the “mist” before i realised it was a girl. Oops. Her facial features, particularly her eyebrows, are somewhat manly.

    Posted on 05-20-2006 00:45:33 by tito

    Posted on 05-20-2006 06:31:05 by sinophile
    I think they are both equally extremely hot or at least appear so in this great capture.

    Posted on 05-20-2006 08:38:19 by Alkaline_fairy
    Bowel Movement has a point on second look.

    It’s good that Shannon is including ‘less modded’ people on modblog. Shame that it took me about half an hour (exaggeration) to find the mod though!

    Posted on 05-20-2006 12:20:22 by aimee
    awesome picture. hot tub?

    Posted on 05-20-2006 22:18:14 by Mandy
    That photo is actually jsut pretty weird and unappealing to me…the girl in the back kinda looks like Austin Scarlett from Project Runway’s first season though!

    Posted on 05-21-2006 14:51:25 by *A*
    i tought that was 2 times the same girl photoshopped…

    Posted on 05-23-2006 16:20:32 by Roslyn
    The girl in the back reminds me of Kate Moennig from The L Word. Gorgeous.

    Posted on 05-24-2006 22:50:27 by Steve
    Am i the only person who kinda likes tan lines ? kinda makes ya think ‘i’m seeing someone not alot of people do’. S

    Posted on 05-25-2006 02:03:26 by choice

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