Beat that, Cris Angel!

This is from one of the latest BMEvideo updates. A little bit of “easy” sounding (in a subincision) followed by sounding with a lit cigarette. Do you want me to tell you which end goes in first, would you rather watch the video and find out, or would it be best if you quickly scrolled on to the next entry? Adults only!

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19 thoughts on “Beat that, Cris Angel!

  1. Well, it was a neat video but I just can’t wrap my mind around the voluntary burning of oneself, ESPECIALLY in such a sensitive place, and with a cigarette. Most other mods I find really interesting (even though I’d never do them!) To me this seems super abusive. Please don’t flame me, I’m not putting him down I just don’t get the pleasure factor in this.

  2. Try putting a cigarette out on your tongue and you’ll see that it’s not really painful. He’s lubed up from the earlier sounding, so it goes right out.

  3. So you can secret smoke through the cock – everywhere the smoking is forbitten – hahaha!!!
    That’s THE wayout!

  4. what about the ash that gets stuck in there? how do you clean that out?

    that was kinda cool to watch…

  5. Thanks for all the comments. I actually do it to burn myself from time to time, because this is one place that you can burn yourself with a cigarette and not be visually detected(even by close ones). Shannon is, however, right that with proper preparation, you can do it with minimum injury (hard to avoid completely, and it is easier to do it with a Capri then, say, a Marlboro). For the instance as shown in video, I have minimal discomfort for a couple days but it is self cleaning. I like to think that I invented this trick, but I can be wrong. Let me know. 🙂

  6. SICK!

    Not in a bad way of course. In a Bill and Ted kind of way.

    Props to anyone who can sound a cigarette ( a lit one non-the less) when not erect.

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