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OK, since people didn’t really get into the last video I posted, let me try two more. One’s fairly intense, and the other one is kind of funny. On the left is “Laying Eggs” and on the right is “Gimme Dat Nut”. Choose one, both, or none.

Adults only as always, and of course you can see more at BMEvideo.

Picture posts later in the day.

DivX download link for BME members: Full members

DivX download link for BME members: Full members

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39 thoughts on “Two BMEvideo clips

  1. I fucking loved these videos

    i thought the first one was amazing

    and the blood squirt on the last one made me say “fuck yeah” oh loud hahah

    keep up the videos i love them

  2. *vomits*
    I’m not sure why I clicked “gimmy dat nut”. I can’t stand ball torture.

    Eggs was hilarious. *plop* Did anyone think it sounded a little like when Mario steps on a Koopa shell? lol

  3. they have windows media player for mac osx, i can view them just fine

    heh i hope those were hard boiled eggs

  4. Eggs left me speechless. Usually I can come up with something snarky to say, but this time, I got nuthin.

  5. i have a mac. screw windows media player, because microsoft no longer supports it.

    download flip4mac. it allows you to play WMV videos in quicktime. It even includes the codec to view them in the browser. And it’s free. Plus, they support the new intel macs.

    oh, and great videos

  6. i think that second video is the only one you’ve posted yet that i couldnt make it all the way through. sheesh.

  7. I counted 11 eggs. What’s wrong with going for the whole dozen? And I certainly hope they were hard-boiled, cuz crackage while inside would probably not be too pleasant.

    As for the nut one — that man has pain tolerance I can’t even begin to imagine.

  8. I really can’t handle ball torture. The egg was amusing though.

    Shannon: As a Mac user, and long time fan of VLC, I just want to say thanks for helping spread the word of freeware.

  9. i don’t understand why mac users are complaining, i’m on a mac too, and all ihave to do is click them and they play. whatever.. the egg one was amusing.. waht if they got stuck though or something.. augh.. and how is there even room for that many? crazy..

  10. my sister would freak out with the second video.she adores eazy-e,and to match that with a guy squirting blood from his balls…she’d be through!

    anyway,the first one was hilarious but made me uncomfortable for some unknown reason.maybe it’s because i only associated laying eggs with birds:/

  11. 12: “say thanks for helping spread the word of freeware.”

    there is no need to say “thank you”, because
    Shannon promotes proprietary, closed source software since he uses .wmv-files.

  12. Shannon:
    i know that, but i do not support mediaformats that exclude so many users for the sake of a company. i can view a lot videos in other, more common formats, on other interesting websites. so if you decide to put .wmv-files on the site you administer, that’s ok.

  13. Well, if you want to complain that WMV is protecting VLC for the sake of the company, that’s your right. But I don’t think the folks at VLC are bad people, and I think it’s a good product worth supporting.

  14. i do not complain about VLC or FFmpeg. since i use a linux there are players and libs to play and decode nearly everything, without the need to compile. even VLC. so it is easily installed.

    what i am complaining about is that i am forced to install another player/library to be able to watch the videos. why not choose a format that everyone can use easily?
    but again, this is your website here, you can choose whatever formats you want.

  15. redredred – Because there is no format that “everyone” can play without having to install anything. I chose the format that I knew could be played on all platforms, but could be played on the MOST number of platforms without installing anything new.

    The only format that you might be able to make an argument for is flash video, but that as well requires software to be installed in some cases.

  16. mpeg would be a good idea. i think that the number of people who can play mpeg-files without installing anything extra is bigger, than the number of people that can play wmv. because to watch wmv-files, users of other than Win and Mac Os do have to install extra libraries.
    flash would be a bad idea because Macromedia provides no flasplayer version 8 for linux.

  17. Why not just convert them to flash like so many others have done?

    Not sure why I bothred saying that. Anyway, I’m eating chicken nuggets.

  18. Um, I really don’t have much computer knowledge. But it seems like common sense to me that if someone is presenting something for everyone’s enjoyment and betterment, it’s kindof rude to bitch that it’s not exactly the way YOU want it.

    I say, find your own damn testicle skewer video and you can put it in whatever format you want.

    Also, thanks to Shannon for having patience with whiners. :) (and everything else you do for us.)

    ok, I’m done ass kissing. That second video freaked me out a little bit, and I don’t even have testicles. Ouch.

  19. Lisabobisa:
    this discussion is nothing personal. modblog is a great site, shannon is doing a great job. and in my opinion this discussion is no bitching.
    there were people that have had questions, that’s all.

  20. the first one made my stomach churn and the second one made my balls creep up inside me…frightening but strangley impressive

  21. The second one is intense – although that looks like a massive gauge needle he is using. Maybe it is just the picture quality but it looks like it could be a 10 or even an 8g (if not bigger?). No wonder there is so much blood!

    To be fair though I’ve never tried anything or am I that familiar with anything CBT wise, is big gauge quite common for testicle skewering?

    And how I love Eazy-E =D!


  22. il secondo video mi eccita da morire io amo mettere a dura prova i miei testicoli con aghi e sigarette accese ma ho sempre difficolta a sopportare il dolore quando entrano gli aghi dentro ai testicoli appena entrano il dolore è sopportabile appena affonda l’ago e dura mi date qualche consiglio forse devo tenerli legati per un po fino a che non si addormentano come fanno queste persone … uso pomata anestetica ma e solo superficiale [email protected]


  24. the Laying eggs video is freaking funny as hell , around the last it sounds like the poor guy had more to go but was having some trouble xD , are you planning on doing more of this ?

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