Lucky BMEgirl Thursday 9/15

This great shot of Hollis was taken by Jill Auville, with the corset piercings (twenty-six 7/16″ 12ga rings) being put in place by Russ McSwain of Modern Body Tattoos and Piercing in Sacramento, CA.

17 thoughts on “Lucky BMEgirl Thursday 9/15

  1. What a great picture..
    the artist here was awesome,
    the model.. gorgeous.

    but i say respect for the photographer!

  2. i know the photographer and she won an award on an art website for this shot :)

    would you believe it was her FIRST EVER shoot with people? she normally does nature and animals. she rocks!

    plus, hollis looks amazing!!!

  3. I would love to see it a bit closer. I want to look how they are done and if they’re healed well

  4. i sorta know the photographer and her work, would you believe that it was her first shoot with a person?? she normally does animals and nature.

    she also won a daily award on the website where she posts her photography for this shot. nice one jill!

    oh and BTW…hollis looks hot!

  5. I LOVE this photograph. I would seriously put that in my house, if was blown up and framed. All of the elements combined make this incredibly stunning

  6. that must of hurt bad ay, i am a little girl when it comes to stuff like that lol, but u look hot babe, xx

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