Mess with the bull, get the balls

Think about that next time you decide to mouth off to the cop that pulls you over for speeding. Ah, silicone. Is there anything you can’t do?

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29 thoughts on “Mess with the bull, get the balls

  1. scary ass cop. ive got a bad history with cops, and his oversized tackle made me want to tackle him…

  2. I’m not sure whether pic #1 is hot because of the uniform and the mod, or hilarious in that way that a shirt with no pants always is…

  3. Is it still actually “usable” for anything besides looking at? Doesnt look like it :O

  4. Pommie – Yes, it’s still totally usable, although there are both limitations and new possibilities. On BMEvideo there’s clips of similar ones in use, and I think there’s a few clips in the first free trailer on that page. Warning: very adult link of course.

  5. im a little disturbed. not because of the huge cock n balls, but because of the posturing hes doing. the pantless squat really made me laugh, and him smoking the cigar in both pictures was just the cherry on top of the silicone sundae.

  6. Fucking awesome photos. I’m not into cops or authority figures, but damn this is well done. I like this sort of thing much better than the ‘made-up girls’ photos that get posted. It’s the ‘tude and complete execution of the fetish. :)

  7. 13/Nyarlathotep – It’s silicone. The risk is a lot lower than most people assume, and I suspect that these procedures will eventually be re-legalized in the US.

  8. Now I wonder if the pictures in the background were blurred out before the picture was sent in or not, sorry Im not commenting on the main subject but I get distracted lol

  9. well gee now we know what is wrong with our cops, there pants a squashing there packages so the take it out on us

  10. “I’m not sure whether pic #1 is hot because of the uniform and the mod, or hilarious in that way that a shirt with no pants always is…”

    Around my house we call that “Poky Piggin’ it”.

  11. oh my GOD! i don’t know whether to be horrified or hysterically excited

    i love his chilled look…like taking pictures,with your saline- filled cock out, and smoking is just a normal everyday thing after a long hard day working the beat.

  12. That is a Black Watch kilt he has on. I know because my husband was in the Black Watch in Scotland. But he thinks this guy is sick.Ha Ha

  13. I’m pretty sure cops have to be well shaven (no facial hair, except moustache), just like the Military. I doubt he’s a real cop. Maybe he is. Idk. But still a cool pic, haha. Hung like a bull.

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