Say No To Piercing Guns

Alright, if you want it to hurt, they’re great!

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45 thoughts on “Say No To Piercing Guns

  1. i knew what it was before i even clicked through. any normal person would cringe, but modblog has desensitised me ^_^

  2. At first I thought that was the head…. and I was wondering what the second lump was in the last picture when you click on it…. and why it looked so odd. Man I feel slow. haha.

  3. oh that butterfly backing always gives me nightmares! they would always get stuck stuck stuck!

  4. I love how the ridge looks like a riveted seam :)

    I really like this, actually… never thought about gunned playpiercing! :p

  5. guns ar bad m’kay
    dont pierce your balls with a gun m’kay
    thads bad m’kay
    but if its for play it’s ok m’kay

  6. this should be put on a leaflet about “the dangers of gun piercings!”
    “if you get gun piercings this will happen to you….”
    hehe cool pic, glad its only a play tho

  7. this is the only picture i’ve seen on bme that actually made me yell…
    imagine removing all those crappy butterfly backings…ahhh

  8. Thought I would never be someone on here whose only response is “OMG”… however, it seems the only appropriate one…

  9. Are those iodine stains or are they old bruises? There looks to be some bruising on his shaft too. Oh yeah…damn, that looks painful!

    I’m giggling to myself because as soon as I saw this I thought he should’ve used one of those old rhinestone gun thingies. Disco Stud, wooooooooh!

  10. Son of a bitch! I’m a girl and am crossing my legs! The white gunk is the icing on the cake though.

  11. Oh dear sweet Jeebus…. I love how it looks riveted (sp?), but goddamn! I don’y have those bits, but the OH (other half) does and he just wimpered like a sad puppy when he saw that.

  12. Oh dear sweet Jeebus…. I love how it looks riveted (sp?), but goddamn! I don’t have those bits, but the OH (other half) does and he just wimpered like a sad puppy when he saw that.

  13. Heh heh. Claires. Whenever I meet a new group of girls I like to ask how many got their ears peirced at Claires and then had to take the peircings out due to infection.

    I have yet to see less than 75% of a group raise their hands. Oh, good crusty memories. I wonder if they even bothered to consult a professional before they started handing out rubbing alchohol for cleaning fluid. Silly gooses.

  14. My body can take any injury pretty well – I’ve healed less-than-ideal needle piercings in a month, and well done oral piercings in days…
    But with the Claire’s gun and the “ear care solution” (at the age of ten, I might add) my lobes swelled up to around twenty times their usual size, and dripped green pus for a fortnight. I still remember the pain. /rant

  15. for the record i have 6 piercings from “random mall shop” and the only time i had to take them out was when i had stretched them years later to almost an inch (i have a stainless sensitivity i think)

    knowing what i know now, i wouldn’t go there. i would only even go to a handful of professional piercers on earth.

    but people….no need for a ‘holier than thou’ attitude towards people that dont know any better. perhaps sharing knowledge in a humble way is a better approach? agreed?!

  16. Wow…… thanks to the biggest fucking retard I have ever seen……. now I can say that I have definately seen the biggest fucking retard in the whole world……THANKS!

  17. LOL! @ Ant

    I have four piercings from claire’s and they’re fine for the most part, they just itched and burned like crazy because they put the backs on uber tight. And I think I remember them having to reload the gun by hand, even though they’re not supposed to touch the studs >..

  18. Got to admit I got a real bad infection off a gun, that was real hard to get healed up.
    Took a few courses of antibiotics, after reading above im pretty sure the girl handled the studs she put in my ears also.

  19. Interesting; that gun looks like it’s all metal (anodized aluminum?) instead of plastic and chrome. Would it be possible to properly sterilize a gun of that type?

  20. i have a total of 15 piercings in my ears 8in one 7 i other all done with a gun at various different outlets (none piercing studios) and they all healed fine with no problems at all.

  21. nooo! if it is his nutsack you’d think he’d take better care of it :S my gun piercings healed fine but why take the chance?!

  22. Yeah I’d have to say the piercings I’ve gotten from mall shops were MUCH worse and inflamed after getting them done than the ones I did myself….hmmm, interesting. Besides, with a needle, you can feel it go through, where as with a gun its just bang and done. no fun :(

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