46 thoughts on “Jessamy’s looking for a valentine

  1. she looks like shes supposed to be in some kind of toy place. it’s really cute. i love these pics!

  2. I’ll be her valentine!!!
    Yeah that first comment could be read as rude… but since she’s gorgeous I think it’s obvious it wasn’t meant that way 🙂

  3. is anybody else sick of shannon complaining to the world about how lonely and desperate he is?
    shannon do you tell girls when your on dates how desperate you are? because that is a huge turn off and is probably why you are single.
    sorry i know im being rude, but truely, if you need to take a few days off bme to spend time on girls (btw which im sure there are MANY of that would love to date you)
    everybody here will be patient and support you!

  4. “Its better to be looked over than it is to be overlooked.” Women of all sizes are fabulous and more power to all of the girls that had shit slung at them for being too anything. Its a private run blog , so who cares.

  5. Bookmarked this entry.
    Comments to come are for sure gonna give me a good laugh 😀

    Apart from that, I don’t see anything wrong in posting pics of beautiful girls.
    Except when you realize that you don’t know any of them, but that’s definitely not Shannon’s fault 😛

  6. hehe so on the premise that Shannon posts more hot females than he does males, if the trend changes will that imply desperation for a male partner? heh I think he’s well in touch with his inner ass-knifer and what ‘works’.

    I absolutely loved this set, was *just* wondering why some pretty young thing didnt use Valentines as a good excuse to make tasteful pictures that also happen to be beautifully sexy . KUDOS.

  7. Some people are never satisfied.

    Yeah, damn those silly __________ (fatties, POC, queers, etc.); they’re never satisfied with being tokenized and underrepresented. We’ve come a long way, baby!

    /again, sarcasm.

    Look, I think this photo set is absolutely gorgeous, Jessamy is cute as can be, and yes, I also am glad that there’s a curvier girl being rep’d on ModBlog. Am I gonna jump on Shannon’s Fan Wagon and declare ModBlog a haven of equality and progressiveness? Naw. Do I think the split could ever possibly be 50/50? Naw. (And that has a lot to do with who’s in the Western mod community as a whole, and has lots to do with class and race too.) Is ModBlog Shannon’s thing? Yeah. Am I allowed to keep complaining, because I think representation is a big deal in the mod community (and in mainstream society in general)? I think so.

  8. I’m with 31!!! She looks great! Reminds me of a ’50′s pinup or a valentine 🙂 Awesome.

  9. \m/ … this photo set feckin’ rocks my tube socks… and i think that there are a lot of gorgeous folks without a valentine this and every year… *hint hint* haha… and to the haters(namely #15)… you’re just jealous cause you have yet to find your inner-ass-knifer… here’s a tissue… and like the BME shirt says, IF YOU’RE NOT INTERESTING ENOUGH TO TALK ABOUT YOURSELF, TALK ABOUT ME(or in this case Shannon)…

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