57 thoughts on “My arms don’t do that!

  1. I used to be able to do that when I did karate and ju-jitsu (it was a warm-up stretch) but I’m years out of practice and not as flexible anymore 🙁

  2. She’s cute. I can do the arm thing, but that goes back to a similar stretch I did in Judo maybe, even though that was years ago.

  3. I jsut did taht, and now m yright arm si stukc back ther. I typed al l this wiht my left hand.

  4. It’s easy! I did it in a second and I never took Yoga lessons (or did anything sporty, for that matter 😛 )

  5. yeah i can do it too…
    noone else thinks her hands look weird? too big or something :S (not trying to be rude, just an observation)

  6. I can do it, albeit painfully =D This girl is so gorgeous I can’t even believe it.

  7. Ow, shouldn’t have tried to do that =D I did it but it hurt… I bet nearly everyone who reads this modbnlog entry will try it.

  8. I wish I could do that. It looks beautiful. She looks even moreso. Mmmmm, sexy flexible girls.

  9. Some people are also just born that way. I have really loose joints, but its not all fun and games because it can leave you prone to injury. I tore my ACL and some cartilage when I was 17 just from jumping when my knee floated out of joint mid-air.

  10. holy shit! i can do that too. modblog lets me discover things about myself in a wholly unnatural way.

  11. I can do that, though not quite as high up between my shoulderblades. My arms are the only flexible part of my body.

  12. I can do that, and it feels quite nice. Good to stretch muscles which don’t get stretched that way very often.

  13. Wow, well I tried it.. but my fingertips rest at armpit level.
    It’s cool that hers are at her neck. Woah.

    She is quite beautiful.

  14. although hers doesn’t look to be laced very tightly, i definitely support the corset. bme needs more tightlacing! it is a form of body modification that requires years of constant dedication, and is practiced by a somewhat sizeable community. im just saying.. 🙂

  15. I can do that, but my hands don’t go up as high on my back, lol. I used to be really flexible, but i let myself get lazy and fattened. Hmm. Exercise, here we come! lol.

  16. Awesome pictures! Very beautiful 🙂
    I love the stars and the big lobes, very lovely!

    I can totally do that, even though I don’t practise yoga or any of that.
    I think it also has to do with hyper mobility of the joints, at least, that was what the physiotherapist told me when he was examining me 😛

    It’s fun, you can do al weird sorts of stuff like pusing your thumb down to your wrist and freak people out 😛

  17. Yeah, didn’t think I’d be able to but lo and behold…. 😀

    Interesting that many here have been pleasantly surprised! Goes to show we’re all made differently.

  18. I can do it. Wasn’t that hard.
    It does look a little odd though doesn’t it.
    And yes she’s lovely.

  19. No it’s weird i can just bend like that. i always though it was normal till i did it in front of some people and they were a little weirded out.. Who new. 😀

  20. wow she’s beautiful!
    she looks JUST like my mum when she was in her twenties! It’s spooky!

  21. I just tried to do that and failed D: my boyfriend just sat there and did it though, damn all you flexible people!

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