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  1. I agree with number four, although it is a great achievment. First thing that comes to mind is difficulty eating my whippy 🙂

  2. not a fan of sizes of 5/8″ or so. personally, any time i’ve stretched my lip over 5/8″ i’ve taken it out after about a week. it is, as number 4 said, very inconvenient.

    not that all modifications should be or have to be convenient, but for me, huge oral jewelry (lip and tongue) do get very old after a while. even with my lip and tongue as big as they are now i take them out at night to rest and sometimes to eat.

    it’s great that he’s that far along though. kudos for the patience and dedication.

  3. my lip was up to 34mm by 20mm at one point

    still a far cry from his

    but i never had any problems with day to day activites and such

    kissing and eating and well oral and stuff was fine haha

    but i think its probably cause mine is oval and doesnt make my lip pop out

  4. I really admire the dedication that stretching up to that size
    must take. Personally I can’t imagine stretching my labret to that size, I should imagine that it does cause some difficulty with day to day activities.

    Still well done to him 🙂

  5. i just realised i put ‘my whippy’ [number 5]. Oh dear I meant Mr Whippy, as in the ice cream.

  6. i bet he’s so serious because he can’t smile anymore…
    i mean, i love body modification and stuff, but, at least for me, there are some limits like… i wouldn’t do something that difficults so much my everyday life. i don’t think having such a plate in your lip is so comfortable…
    but oh well, if he’s happy with it, what can you say? at least i have to admit he’s very brave, stretching my labret only from 18 to 14 was a fucking pain in the ass.

  7. Im just wondering are we no longer allowed to make negative comments on any of the postings?

    Everyone of mine gets moderated, if its a nice comment its allowed, anything negative gets deleted.


  8. agree with 20 & 21.
    apart from not being aesthetically pleasing, at least personally, it seems such a large lip plate really … disrupts most everyday activities.

    simply put, it looks like a bitch with no apparent benefits.

  9. Agreed with 20.
    While im a firm believer in people being able to do whatever the hell they want with their bodies i think that some people just do these things to “out extreme” each other. Makes me laugh 😛
    They love the attention in public aswell haha.

  10. i doubt that it is very comfortable, but i looks cool.
    respect for the discipline to go that far.

  11. Even the Suri, Sara and Mursi women are starting to object to the wearing of large plugs and plates due to dribbling when they are taken out and having to have their bottom rows of teeth knocked out.

  12. actualy its verry comfortable it doesent affect my every day life at all stretching it from 1.6mm to what it is now has been done over about a 5 year period as its going slow you adapt as you go i use my tounge as a bottom lip i do it without realising and kissing is not a problem

    cheers for the big up’s guy’s

  13. i do i love it and i can smile there seems to be a few closed off views what i do isnt a fashion statement its just me

  14. /throws G.C some punctuation.. (Seriously, it makes what you type a lot easier to read, and avoids the whole “types like a 12 year old” thing :))

  15. I’m really not a fan of any kid of plugs but kudos to him for following his aesthetic.

  16. He is such a sweetheart :]

    and if he took it out..I’d totally stick my tongue through there :]

  17. All I can think about is how much stuff will dribble out of his bottom lip if he takes it out!

  18. I’d totally stick my tongue through there too… looks like that’d feel lovely…
    But apostrophes! Use them!

  19. I missed all the other mods that are stretched to an uncommon size as well! I was too busy gawking at the lip.

    I don’t even want to think about all the chapstick you go through dear!

  20. eww.. im not sure i like that. Although, it would be cool to see him suck a dick through it. Or a lollipop…

  21. Where the hell can I get plugs like the ones you’ve got in your ears, eh? Those are fantastic.

    Oh, and upon seeing the picture, my first thought wasn’t about his lip, I just thought he was daaaamned cute. I am really oversexed today or something, Jeebus.

  22. right now my lip is approx 3/4″ (18mm right now) and i plan to go much bigger

    ive worn my lip ‘out’ and its pretty comfortable once you get used to it so i can see why gc likes it, not to mention the look on him

    for me i dont care for it too much, im planning a large oval which i see as being much more practical and will fit me better

  23. right noww my lip is approx 3/4″ (18mm right now) and i plan to go much bigger

    ive worn my lip ‘out’ and its pretty comfortable once you get used to it so i can see why gc likes it, not to mention the look on him

    for me i dont care for it too much, im planning a large oval which i see as being much more practical and will fit me better


  25. People are so constructive nowadays. Eating, drinking, smiling, talking and kissing never seemed to be a problem when I’ve been around him so maybe people assuming isn’t quite such a good idea. Each to their own I guess but I think it’s cool.

  26. More power to the guy, he’s obviously found ways around the imagined difficulties we think he should have (otherwise he’d be dehydrated and very skinny.) I think it’s a very unusual look, but it suits him, so that’s all cool. I love the matching plugs he has throughout his stretched piercings: it creates such a cohesive look. I think the lobe plugs benefit from being different from the rest, it sort of adds to the effect no?

  27. thank you caz and everyone else thats left a respectfull comment. i dont know why people talk shit about someone they dont even know

    and dissent if you think i did this coz i thought it would make me cool you are a retard yeah being spat at in the street, verbal abuse, people looking at you like a piece of shit, getting punched in the head coz of how you look, yeah i go through all that just so i can feel cool you know nothing of me or my interests. i dont care if you dont like it but who are you to judge me

  28. Yeah, we’d have to REALLY enjoy being beaten up by strangers if we were doing this for attention, or to “out-extreme” others…

    I mean, I get that a lot, and I don’t even have anything “extreme”.

    Saying he’s trying to “out-extreme” others is just as prejudiced as accusing a 16-year-old with a lip ring that they just want attention…

    Also, I

  29. ARGH, my last comment had grammatical mistakes in!

    I was gonna say that I love red-headed guys…

  30. Bournemouth UK is my original hometown, now i’m an apprentice piercer in Vernon, Canada.


    Just wanted to spread the mad love for my beloved hometown.

  31. I like your lip plate very much. It looks great. I have had three labrets. I had to take the last one out because I had emergency gall bladder surgery. I had a lot of problems with the surgery. I was unconsious for 24 hours with a ventilator in my mouth. I really don’t want to get pierced for the fourth time. My last labret was 4 guage, and I had a two guage one ready for insertion. Good luck. Thank you for being an inspiration to bod mod people.

  32. i want to know is he going bigger, and if so will he be pulling his bottom teeth? or has he already?

    for some reason i think he looks odd which is strange because i’ve seen african women with lip plates and think it’s the most natural thing in the world…so hmm

  33. I think that lip plate looks great .. wish I had the courage to do the same.
    Are you calling a halt now … or still plan something even larger??

  34. G.C.,

    I love your lip plate! It’s one of the largest in the west. I think only Kali Baaba, the L.A. guru, has one bigger (about 4 inches in diameter) and he also now has an upper lip plate (about 2 inches) too. How big are you going to go? Four to five inches would look and feel awesome! An upper lip plate (like the Sara Kaba, Mousgou or Lobi) would be very nice too. I love the look of the Mursi, Suri (Surma), Kayapo, Suya and Sara. It’s unfortunate to see all the negative comments. If lip plates were common in our culture, these same people would be saying, “He looks naked without a plate!” “How can he eat without one?” “I would only kiss someone with a lip plate, unadorned lips are ugly.”

    Keep on stretching!

    OMOLP (Lip Plates) Group

  35. ive seen this guy in parkstone. mi friends think it looks wrong. but each to their own

    i think he rocks

  36. I really respect him for going all-out for what he wants. Personally I think it looks great, and would dearly love to stretch my own labret a lot too – now a measly 4mm. But I’m constrained by my job and mainly by a complete lack of bottle.

  37. You look great and I think the lip plate somehow belongs to your personality, ignore the negative comments!

  38. Hey, this fascinates me! Could never imagine doing it myself but I think it can look brilliant and it really suits you. Well done 🙂

  39. ouch! it looks amazing but i could never do that lol
    ouch is all i can sayyy <333

  40. @G.C. I totally saw you in The Inferno pub in Bournemouth and thought you looked like a guy I’d seen on BME, turns out you WERE the guy on BME and I just didn’t realise that you lived in Btown!

    Respect to you sir! 😀

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