Ashley Crawford Interview Posted!

Remember the cervical piercing I added last month? Well, it’s been followed up with an interview with Ash, the piercer, and it evolved into a really fascinating discussion of post-gender, and is one of my favorite interviews in a long time. Click through to read it and come back to comment!

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60 thoughts on “Ashley Crawford Interview Posted!

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  2. Thanks so much for this interview! I loved reading Ash’s views on gender. Very, very interesting, enlightening, and informative article!

  3. Awesome interview, Shannon. I couldn’t have hoped for more insight regarding the motivations behind the piercings and from there the other mods not featured on modblog. I’d love to see similar interviews with the heavier modders, most specifically the amputators.

  4. This was an excellent article, thank you so much. I, too, identify as post-gendered, though I’ve never been on hormones and I don’t go to specific lengths to alter my physical appearance. At a young age, I acted more masculine and tough (I was the one beating up the other boys) because I didn’t like the image people had about being female. I didn’t want to be treated special or weak because of the chromosomes I was born with. I wanted people to know that just because I was a girl, it didn’t mean I couldn’t also beat them in arm wrestling or enjoy stereotypically masculine activities. So my own personal views about gender and how I act are also a social reaction.

    I’ve been struggling a bit with my own gender viewpoint in regards to myself, wondering if I should try to adopt some sort of label, so this article really helped me. It reminded me that I don’t need one and I don’t have to justify myself to anyone but me.

    Thank you, Ashley, I really needed that.

  5. Wow. You’re a brave-brave person. This interwiew was so interesting:) I liked the most when u sad u wanted to say “FUCK OFF” to the ads and all willing to make women (so called) “feminine”. It seems like you managed! i just love it

  6. Amazing interview! I hadn’t really put it into words myself, but “post-gender” wraps my image of self up nicely (without transitions). Thank you for making this point of view more open to others.

  7. fascinating! i also agree that its ridiculous to shame women who arent thin, young, large breasted, free of body hair, and all that jazz. what the hell? (virtually) no one is really like that without changing how they are naturally. So, as a college-aged girl who goes to sorority/fraternity parties with her boyfriend, its just VERY stressful to try and combine being how you want yourself to be, and how society wants you to be. its all contradictory.

  8. Wonderful interview with such a wonderful person. And the fact that you’re a Crawford too makes it ten times better :D

  9. such a great article. SUCH A GREAT ARTICLE.

    as a female, it makes me really happy to see other women taking control of their bodies and modifying them to suit their standard of comfort and vehemently giving a “FUCK YOU!” to society’s standards without actually having to say, you know, “fuck you, society.” and then completely passing over that entirely into post-genderism and being head-strong and intelligent to back it up. i love it!

    i also think it’s really awesome that she’s gone through child birth, because again – blowing off stereotypes. i mean, i know that’s not the exact reason for such a transformaton, but still – totally awesome.

    all in all, i kind of want to shake her hand, and shannon’s, because holy shit! SUCH A GREAT ARTICLE!

  10. Loved the interview, I’ve always considered myself to be androgynous (while genetically female), so I’m very fascinated by gender bending and refusal to conform to only one or the other. Also, I realize testosterone can drastically change almost every part of the genetic female body, such as hair, skin texture, voice, genitals, muscle mass…And for awhile I was curious to take a small dose of testosterone for clitoral growth, but knowing some of the irreversible effects like possible infertility (I may want to conceive in the future) have scared me away from experimental use. As I said, my only desire has been to enlarge my clitoris and I’m not sure if there is a way to safely take a small dose for only the genital effects. Again, fantastic interview. Ash is amazing :)

  11. it’s good to see some genderqueer people on modblog :> makes me feel not so alone!

  12. Awesome interview!
    Thanks Shannon (So glad you are recovering nicely) & Thanks Ash for a great interview!
    Ash you are my dirty fantasy…oops, did I say that out loud…

  13. Excellent interview on one of my favorite subjects to read/learn about in the mod world (second to amputation too). Thanks for that.

  14. I wish English had a decent gender-neutral third-person pronoun. You know, besides “it.” Not too many people want to be identified by that one.

    Great article, though. One of the most interesting ones I’ve read here.

    The thought I’m left with is that post-gender individuals are still identifying themselves within the context of a gender construct. Maybe I’m just interpreting it wrong, but post-gender seems to have its own set of rules and qualities that someone must possess in order to be considered a member. Perhaps electing yourself to that club is better than having other people give you the label they want and the rules that go along with it…

  15. Lovely, intelligent interview. I don’t think I’ve ever before heard or read such eloquent thoughts on the construction of gender identities in our society. I’m working on a research project right now about gender hegemonies so it was quite exciting to find this interview!

  16. I think that Ash is quite possibly one of the most intelligent women I’ve ever read about. Her way of describing the role of young women was dead on with my own beliefs. I am not a transexual, or post-gender (I quite enjoy dressing up and looking pretty), but I hate how society is so judgemental and stereotypical about everything.

    Anyway! Wonderful interview Shannon. This is probably my favorite interview on BME.

  17. LotN, there are gender neutral pronouns: ze and hir and them are just a couple that I’ve heard used.

    Great interview, Shannon, although I do see a typo in the intro where you wrote “her” instead of “them,” and I don’t really understand the comments by people saying “Oh great article, she this she that!” after both you and Ash were very specific about their gender identity. Kind of misses the point entirely…

  18. That was a fascinating and very thought-provoking interview! Without a doubt the most engaging interview I’ve ever read on BME. Thanks to both of you! :)

  19. Wonderful interview. I’m personally interested in gender outside of the typical male/female, and obviously body modification. This was so interesting and provided another point of view that people aren’t usually exposed to, even the (seemingly) more openminded people of the body modification community. Thank you for posting, Shannon, and to Ash for providing such a great interview.

  20. Really intelligent, interesting interview…definately one of the best interviews I’ve read on BME!

  21. Nice interview, sort of agrees with my view of the world and society. We live in the 21st century but we have the same drive that we had 50,000 years ago, that is propagate and leave genetic offspring. This is a genetic/instinctual push that most of humanity doesn’t recognize or control. Those of us who are aware of the drive and have learned to control it are the forefront of experimenting with the actual control of more of ourselves than ever before. I also would love to be a middle of the road gender, but to the world that is a bad thing. With my mods I have been asked “can you get a woman pregnant” (artificial insemination has been around for years and years, if pregnancy is that important) or (and I like this one) “the sperm does not go anywhere useful” (no comment on this one just shake my head), both questions that don’t take into account the world as it is today. What’s funny is that I had a vasectomy many years ago so can’t get someone pregnant anyway, but that is never a question :-).(and if you are not shooting active sperm does that make you less “manly”?) A middle gender is a wonderful idea, sexually I have wished to achieve this for several years. I tried the full gender change idea, and found that I would not be happy as a full M to F, but an androgynous personality did fit. Now a lot of it is purely sexual, but I see nothing wrong with pleasure being one of the main drives in life. Of course society now has a hard time understanding the person who does not wish a specific gender, it is beyond their limits that are set by the genetic reproduction push. Anyway I hope that in the future we will understand our genetic drives better and learn to control them, rather than the opposite. Just my two cents on the subject, kt

  22. ditto with 22 – i also thought that was really strange in the article and in the comments here. i’m thrilled to see something so positive on genderqueer on bme, though :)

  23. personally i dont get it, but it isnt for me to judge and not for me to get, i guess if it makes you happy your not harming ppl or animals then go and do it :D :D :D :D

    personally though i believe it takes guts to talk about something so outta the box like this so one must respect that

  24. oh and i did notice on the website ash has, ash is always referred to as a him or he and so on, which was kinda odd because i always figured cervix = she or her but again what ever makes you happy

  25. Great, great interview. This community enlightens me again and again.

    I loved the bit about “young, thin, big breasted, free of body hair and all that jazz…”. When I was younger, I was all that (and a natural blonde to top that for crying out loud) and totally hated to be reduced to the cliché of “pretty, stupid, helpless – perfect”. I still accidently meet male classmates from 25+ years ago who are suprised that I did not marry a rich guy and don’t have 2 nice teenage children. They manage to oversee the fact that at 16, I was playing soccer, was a punk AND openly questioning my sexual orientation. They did not take my intensive search for my own identity serious at all. I can imagine my younger version going the post-gender path, sadly enough, I didn’t even know that there is a third option on gender.

  26. Ash’s Livejournal is a great read too.

    Fantastic insight into identity, hopefully Ash will allow me an interview sometime in the future, pretty please :-).

  27. Awesome interview! I identify as FTM, but since I lean towards an androgynous appearance, I don’t ‘pass’ most of the time. I wear a small amount of eyeliner and shave my genital area and armpits. Since I’m not the stereotypical transsexual person, I’m afraid this may give me trouble receiving prescription T and a masectomy.

  28. Wow…this is a great interview. I learned so much from this…kudos to Ash for doing what she wants with her body. Very good interview.

  29. Awesome article. It’s also really cool to see so many non-cisgendered people posting here.

  30. as a [naturally] large breasted woman, I can attest that having large breasts is not particularally supported by our society either…

  31. That was one of the best articles I have ever read. I’m glad that the world is changing to recognize the gray area between “male” and “female”. There is so much more to it than that. Bravo, Ash. You’re on my hero list now for courage and speaking out.

  32. Thank you Ash for sharing so openly and thank you Shannon for such a fascinating interview.

  33. very cool interview. As a college student minoring in gender studies, I find attitudes surrounding gender and sex to be so diverse and its nice to see a positive article affirming gender and sex in a seemingly radical way that will hopefully help to change some peoples’ negative feelings toward the topic regarding gender roles.

  34. Brilliant interview, as a female-to-male transsexual myself, I have often wondered about the options avaliable to my hormonally enhanced dick, in regards to piercing.
    Through this piece, it has confirmed my realization that indeed a foreskin (“hood”) piercing is what I want.
    Awesome interview.

  35. Very very interesting. Makes one think a little about just how fragile our way of defining gender really is.

  36. This was so inspirational, in the sense of finding and exploring one’s own identity. Where can I read her above-mentioned LiveJournal?

  37. “People with a post-gender identity or outlook aren’t necessarily perceived to be transgender and may not have any sort of transgender body mods. Even among transgender people there are such a range of bodies and minds, I don’t think it would be possible to say X piercing will suit people with X identity.”

    Ash– thank you for making this point.

  38. Wonderful interview. Ash’s views on gender and identity were beautiful and eloquently expressed. Ash seems like an amazing person. Thank you.

  39. Great interview! I guess I just love women so much I hate to see them trans-sex. Sorry.

  40. It was so wonderful to discover this interview on the site. I didn’t expect to find such an in-depth and elevated discussion of gender, identity, sex and desire when I came to check out mods – but I’m so grateful! I loved reading about how Ash experiences their gender, and learned a lot about the physical/biological changes a female body goes through on t. Thanks to Ash for being an amazing person and intellectual inspiration, and for having such an evolved view of gender, and of casual sex! And thanks very much to Shannon for doing and posting this interview. Great, great work.

  41. that was fucking brilliant and inspiring. one comment on the article – ash asks “how many people in their late twenties think, wow, it’s so wonderful to be able to do this! while jacking off?’

    i do. but. i’m in my early twenties. do i count?

  42. I just wanted to say thank you for this article, I had been having some similar thoughts on being a genetic female, but had not been able to articulate them. I am happy with my body the way it is but I do not like the way society treats women, and I struggle for equal relationships with straight men. I am currently single, and have yet to find someone that I can truly share that equality with. You have found a unique and self-tailored way of answering these questions about society and it’s treatment of women, and gender roles. I applaud you for that, and for having the courage to be yourself in a world that might not be supportive.

  43. excellent interview, really cool to get that kind of insight- gender issues have always been fascinating to me, and its really neat to gather perspectives.

    the section on body image, specifically in relation to chests, was particularly close to home for me- i dont have many body image issues, but my chest and stomach are capable of really bringing me down sometimes. after reading your thoughts, ash, i feel like a veil has been lifted, and im armed with the right knowledge to move forward on this problem.


  44. I’ve only read this just now…

    As people above me have already said, a lot of thoughts on gender I haven’t been able to voice precisely were in this article. Most of it among the lines of ‘proper’ behaviour I’ve felt odd at defying. I don’t want to hurt or worry the people that love me, but I can’t change too much of who I am without going insane, either.

    Thank you both (Ash and Shannon) for putting it up here.

  45. Wow everyone says that was great, what have you and is supporting you in this endeavor which is not only insane but shows you really bad in need of therapy you are.
    Please get help. You will say you’re ok etc etc, but this is sick, twisted, and you definitely need HELP. You have to mutliate yourself and make yourself a freak to accept who you are because you feel you were a freak before all of the glamour, and that is the issue. If you had accepted yourself the way you were, none of this mutilation would’ve had to happen.
    Please get help for the sake of your child atleast.

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