77 thoughts on “Want to pan out? Just click.

  1. W-O-W! This is THE sexiest picture I’ve ever seen for male genital piercings! Thank yooooooooou Shannon!!! XD

  2. O.o

    This is the exact expression my face made when i saw this picture-
    Would love to test this one 😛

  3. Haha! I was looking thinking “What is wrong with his finger???? *lightbulb switches on* Ohhhh….”

    Yup, too early in the morning for me =)

  4. oh! for some reason i thought he had velvet in his underwear.yeah, it’s too late in the day for such high thinking.

  5. I love how everyone is judging how hot this person is based on a glimpse of his penis.

  6. I was thinking his fingernails looked a bit long…but the rest looks pretty good. Show the face please!

  7. If we don’t get to see a full body shot of this, I’m going to EXPLOOOODE– and it WONT be in a good, orgasmic, I want to fuck that piercing way.

  8. #39 – Nobody was judging the person. I think they were judging the penis. Which is fairly fair given that it was a picture of… a penis

  9. Am I the only one who finds large male genital pierces inserted inside them extremely painful, and not in a good way?

    Also this guy strikes me as a wee bit of an attention whore, which is quite a turn-off..

    However, this is a nice picture.

  10. You all see an inch of it and think it is good looking and large (not that it isn’t of fair size or of the larger side of the scale)?? I just feel sorry for you…

  11. It’s a big cock.. so what. I like a man with a real penis.. not monster huge… first thought when I saw this pic was OUCH!

  12. Holy fuck oncemore!! (please take as both an exclamation and request) I’m moving to Kent next week and might have to stalk you a little bit….

  13. oncemore: You have a *beautiful* cock, one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen! I so love that picture.. so so hot! I’ve seen others on your page too, you are sooo hot!!

  14. I just meant the other comments tainted with what appears to be jealousy. Ah well, cant please everyone.

    Cheers for the comments people

  15. i love this picture, but i really dont get why some guys are being such bitches about the fact you can only see an inch or so: come on! the fact you cán’t see it all, makes it even sexier – look at it as a woman wearing pretty lingerie!

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