25 thoughts on “There’s Something About Hadley

  1. Dear Roo,
    Thank you forever. You are a beautiful person who deserves many coffees. I owe you beers.

  2. Dammit, Charlie Chaplin ‘stach! Chaplin rocked that ‘stach so much harder =P Am I the only one who instantly thinks Chaplin rather than Hitler?

  3. Not digging Ronald’s ‘stache or Hadley’s overgrown sideburns, but the Kodak moment made me “awwwwww.”

    I like the alignment of Hadley’s high nostril and bridge piercing, too.

  4. I just had to comment to say that this is a damn adorable picture. I’m jealous. 🙂

    Plus: Roo, you’re doing a kickass job ModBlogging. Don’t stop. ^_^

  5. i am not sure if i like the comment after the title..it’s a little inappropriate and i don’t find it humorous. other than that, i like the photo :\

  6. hadley has such a nice nasalang piercing.
    and abaout my moustache, it’s shaved now but it wasn’t even a “hitler” or “chaplin” tasche, it was a 70′s porn tasche ;]]

  7. i agree with michelle (#13).

    it’s a very sweet photo and the comment is just unnecessary and rude.

  8. to whoever is calling us silly homosexuals, you are an absolute fool because it clearly states on my iam page that i am straight, hadley is also straight and is getting married next year.

    i’m his best man :]]

  9. They’re hot together! Two gorgeous guys; would love to be in that sammmmmich!

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