Holy Holy Holy

Fellas, I don’t know about you, but just looking at these photos of Sean’s swollen member four days after receiving some genital beads really “makes my penis hurt,” if you know what I mean.

Sean, of course, is no stranger to extreme bruising. Says the man himself of his genital beading: “It looks like it has been shut in a car door.” That’s about right. The shot above is four days after the initial procedure; for the grislier two-day-post-implant shot, take a peek past the jump. If you dare.

(Beading by Iestyn (More) at Diamond Jacks Tattoo and Piercing in London.)

Need a pick-me-up after that? I hear T-shirts are good for what ails ya.

36 thoughts on “Holy Holy Holy

  1. I would like to know how many beads were implanted? and what size beads? I’ve done a few of these procedures now and that seems like an excessive amount of bruising, I’m guessing that has to do with the size beads, quantity of beads, and the stitches?
    Either way Ouch! with the bruising, but I’m sure it will be beautiful when it’s all healed up.

  2. I would be preoccupied by that much bruising after 4 days, but I think it mostly due to the beads. I’ve received 18 stitches in one go on my penis and it never bruised… no beads though but I wish it looks great!

  3. Everyone is prone to different types of bruising. You can’t really blame in on nothing. With that said, the suture doesn’t look to hot.

  4. He is uncut there is much more room in there for swelling and bruising. I too am uncut, when i had my subincision my penis swelled something terrible for the first two days when the swelling went down my bruising was out of control especially in the foreskin. after putting in my 6mm beads in two rows on top i experienced some swelling not as out of control but major bruising. Alot of it ended up settling in my foreskin making it kind of resemble a tire for at least a week. maybe it was because i was vegan at the time?

    The penis will bruise pretty easy from heavy trauma if you don’t believe me have a look through the pumping galleries in BME extreme and see the guys a few days after a weekend of heavy pumping.

  5. I love how everyone hates on penis size. His cock looks like it was caught in a bear trap, do you really expect him to be hanging low?

  6. holy god. why why why why why? its hurts my body to think about this, id rather die before this

  7. Jeez, guys. He’s probably a grower. And even if he’s not, hey, not all dicks have to be above average. (I’d rather see a small, handsome wang than a grody big one, you know?)

  8. I bet that would feel sooooooo good for the woman who gets to have sex with this guy.

    I’m getting myself all worked up………

  9. I can most certainly tell u it is a grower, give the guy a break hes just had loads of beads put in his dick (plus im his ex girlfiend so i should know!!!)

  10. Hey, I’m not dissing him for needing some time to recover from a traumatic procedure. I just look forward to seeing it all healed up and hard. I mean, I dated a guy who was about that big hard, so pretty much any dick is an improvement. ;P

  11. 24, am not dissin’ the guy either, I too dated a guy with a small wang, if he’d of had some beads, he may not be my ex! Guys who are growers are great, at first its all like oh, it’s so cute and them BAM!

  12. I only every bruise like that when I have the aid of astrazeneca if you know what I mean.. I don’t know if that’s a general thing or what, but I have noticed a significant difference with and without. Good luck to the wearer, hope they work out well for ya! :)

  13. I can’t imagine being that bruised and waking up with morning wood. Ouuuuuuch!

    I’m sure it’ll be quite lovely when it’s healed though.

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