Sweet as a Stolen Kiss

Polish BME operative Andy checks in with this pierogi tattoo he got at Bloody Tears Tattoo in Warsaw, Poland. Can I just say that I love food tattoos? They’re one of the few styles of tribute tattoos that have a pretty infinite shelf life. Break-ups happen. Friends and family let you down. Musicians go on ether-induced racist tirades. But food? A good hamburger tattoo is there for keeps, friends. And I think that means something.

14 thoughts on “Sweet as a Stolen Kiss

  1. This inspires me to get my most favoritest food.
    I would like a tattoo of a steaming giant slice of cheese pizza with cheese dripping everywhere.
    Now, plz.

    (pizza rules.)

  2. vegetarian?
    when my family cooks pierogies they’re usually stuffed with potatoes, cheese and onions and served with sour cream.. or even filled with fruit — as a dessert.

  3. yeah, I was gonna say, what if you go vegan, or develop and allergy?
    Oh man that would suck to get a bunch of sweets tattooed on you and then become diabetic.

    but I guess then it would be more sad/ le sigh, then something you didn’t want to associate yourself with anymore. I mean, even if you can’t have it, who can hate food?

  4. That’s cool! It’d almost be like a secret ccode for the ones who know what it is! *sorry my imagination ran wild on me, I’m imagining an underground club for people with pierogi tatts, where their tatt is the secret password to get in! lol*

  5. Pierooogiii!!! <3

    tonite i just get to my grandma’s place, and she made…200 pierogis for tonite! yay! i love pierogi!

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