27 thoughts on “Ring Ring!

  1. I recently just updated Kokomi’s BME Hard gallery with a few hundred images of him holding random objects between his head?s? Anyway its brilliant and you should go check it out!

  2. Same, valy. :(

    like the mouseballs one!

    …i feel so proud to be working for tmobile right now. i should bring this into work for inspiration :)

    but seriously, nice :D

  3. This looks photoshopped. The head looks so misplaced on the shaft. It also has an extremely defined outline but hey maybe i am wrong i would need to see the same thing from a different angle.

  4. Looks really photoshopped! It just doesn’t look like the head is really holding the phone. Look at the outline of the head!

  5. 19. Sean Noxious:
    I can assure you there is no computer aided fooling in this image. if you need to see it from a different angle you can check the Kokomi Gallery on BME Hard. There you will have a hard time calling photoshop when you see about 500 images of him holding (with his penis halfs) everything from a watering pitcher to an egg in there.

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