The Whooshing Sound

I know a girl who is really heavily freckled, and one night, she revealed that, due to this terrible affliction, her dad affectionately(?) calls her “flyshits.” Because, you know, her freckles look like … fly shit. Apparently. This isn’t her wearing this tattoo, but I like to think she’d be traumatized by it nonetheless.

(Tattoo by Kris Roberts at Shipwreck Tattoos in Corpus Christi, Texas.)

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7 thoughts on “The Whooshing Sound

  1. It is, but your friends constantly referring to you as “firecrotch” isn’t fun either, especially after Lindsay Lohan. And I’m glad my dad only calls me “monster”!

    On a more pertinent note, I definitely want to be tattooed by Kris.

  2. That’s a terrible nickname, but then again mine was Birdpoo/birdshit for many years.

    It’s a cuuuute little tattoo though!

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