My Life Only Goes in One Direction: Forward

The leader of the pack, with tattoo work by Richard Sevilla of Exotic Tattoo Molina, shot on location in Murcia, Spain. Well, alright.

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14 thoughts on “My Life Only Goes in One Direction: Forward

  1. This is a stunning shot of a stunning woman and a stunning bike. Badass tattooed chicks on old-school bobbers FTW!

  2. I bet a large sum of money she can’t even reach the handlebars whilst sat on the seat
    let alone know how to ride the thing

    biker chicks = good
    posers = bad

  3. I only wish that bike were actually hers. I know it’s not though, because nobody that thin owns a harley.

  4. i loved the picture until i noticed brown bottoms with a black top. FASHION POLICE!!

    jk jk i love it.

  5. beautiful bike!!!very similar to what Im looking for for my next bike *drools* .Nice tatts as well!!

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