This Week in BME

Who the hell doesn’t?

(Tattoo by Shauncey at Three Saints Tattoo in Pensacola, Florida.)

So, that was a fun week, right? Let’s look back at what went down:

  • We wished that all fast food waitresses looked as good as this.
  • We killed some dreams, because, hey, why not?
  • Hey, Obama took office! Time to make party!
  • SOMEBODY doesn’t like cheese, and is also a filthy communist, probably.
  • Oh my God, please, whatever you do, take care of your stretched lobes in this frigid wintry weather, or else disgusting and painful things will happen.
  • Anyone up for a Super Bowl bet?
  • Some of you are awful at following instructions re: political flame wars.
  • BME’s Big Question made its triumphant return! Go read it! Right now!
  • And there we have it, folks. Stick around over the weekend for the sexy funtime you’ve come to expect. Have a great weekend, everyone, and as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

    25 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. I hate beards.
      I think the tattoo is glorious, but my dad has a beard. Boys my age should not have them. They’re like having a walrus living on your face.

    2. What’s going to happen when beards, like pregnancy, are yesterday’s fad in the BME scene? I wonder how easy that’s going to be to change to “I like bears”.

    3. While yes, the font is excellent and the tattoo is hilarious–this is only temporary. I don’t think that a permanent mod should be used to celebrate a temporary joke. Sorry to pee on the fun parade.

    4. OH LORD, I didn’t know there was someone else who loved beards as much as I, but alas! There is. And to #5 I say, I know you are, but what am I? Assmonkey.

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