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Oh holy shit, what is this? The actual Devil? It looks like some goddamn sea monster with a face that was created by letting one of those 1950s-era diving helmets soak in nuclear waste. I mean, it’s a great tattoo, but I don’t understand why c.A feels the need to haunt me by getting tattooed with Poseidon’s nightmares.

(Tattoo by Kris Roberts at Shipwreck Tattoos in Corpus Christi, Texas.)

And another week down. What happened this time around?

A woman’s lovely tribute to her parents.

A public service announcement … with GUITARRRRR

We talked about adapting paintings into tattoos.

Gothic Clark Kent showed up.

We saw a brilliant Asian-inspired sleeve.

Rat plugs? Rat plugs.

Hey, zippers!

Anyway, we’ll be around this weekend. We’ll even have a new interview up at some point! Good times. Whatever you do, be safe. Have a great weekend, ModBlog, and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

19 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. Exactly, thats a classic, definately the creature from the black lagoon, i actually thiught of getting the cave scene tattooed on my leg after i saw it… may be one day

    this ones awesome!

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