Jump to the Left, Turn to the Right

Even if our friend a post below can go either way on St. Patrick’s Day, the sentient alien ooze that’s covered and commandeered the body and soul of this gentleman? Loves to party. Loves it. Ever seen bio-mechanical ooze do a kegstand? Get ready. Gonna be epic.

(This excellent biomech suit is by David Wiper at Modern Savage in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK.)

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16 thoughts on “Jump to the Left, Turn to the Right

  1. AWESOME. I’ve known for ages that this is the guy I am going to see for my biomech sleeve when i can afford it. Which unfortunately will be a long while :P

  2. #6 – Way to earn your Internet immortality. While Guy obviously excels in what he does, he doesn’t *own* bio-mech tattoos. Have some respect for other people’s art.

    As for the piece itself, I could spent many hours looking at all the colors and details.

  3. ohhhhhhhh interwebz immortality =]]

    I never said or made any remark to guy owning biomech work and I also never said it wasnt good work.
    It is infact almost identical too one of guys paintings that happens to be hanging on the wall beside me
    so shouldnt the artist that clearly pulls almost all influence for this piece from somebody elses work. He should give some respect for other peoples art as you put it and atleast put a note that ” hey i took one of guys paintings and made it into a back piece for this guy”

  4. Ok, you win. Here’s your cookie. ;)

    Also, there are hundreds of tattoos out there that have been inspired [directly and indirectly] by other art. Most of the time, the piece is notable enough that no reference to the original is made. I mean come on, how many people do I have to see wearing Ed Hardy or Sailor Jerry clothes that have no idea who either of those artists are? Ideally, it would be awesome if people could give credit where it’s due, but sadly it rarely happens.

  5. Haha what kind of cookie? =]

    And i see your point as well

    Gah i hate all those clothing lines
    I think its the best when people come in the shop rocking all ed hardy and then want a tribal armband or some gay ass flash

  6. to mikenite and shaolin fox, i think its closer to arron cain than guy personally. It even looks like he started with tons of yellow, one of cains usual elements, and then moved to green to be less obvious about using the reference. Love bio mech work a lot.

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