Fist Full Of Metal!

I was going to intro this video but due to its awesome magnitude, it needs no introduction. Plus I’m already in the video so why bother writing when I don’t have to!

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Brought to you by Canvas Los Angeles & Joe Capobianco.

17 thoughts on “Fist Full Of Metal!

  1. i see Rodney Raines’ (Ace Custom Tattoo Charlotte, NC) jacket for his band “The Poontaglers”

  2. That is fucken’ AWESOME!
    I need one. It’s not a question of wanting, I MUST HAVE ONE OF THOSE JACKETS!

  3. lol at number 4, good for you!
    That was some sexy ass denim right there, makes my 501′s look frankly shitty

  4. What the hell with that douche wearing the plaid flannel with the hot Asian girlfriend? Only in cali would that ever, ever, fucking ever happen.

  5. The name Fist Full of Metal just came to you. Right! Just after listening to the Anthrax album. What a douche.

  6. Metal does eat shit, but when Black Sabbath first was released, it was ground breaking. Keep in mind they came out when the biggest thing in the country was the Bee Gees, punk was still a wee baby, & hardcore was ten years away,…

    Where’s the love, Joe? I’m one of the few tattoo artists who’s in Hard Rock Cafes & Guitar Hero 3,…

    Man, I can’t tell you how many of those jackets I painted as a kid,… I have friends who still have theirs, 25 years later,…

  7. Tattoos? Metal? METALLICA!!!! Oh I am so down! That was really freakin cool. I would love to check those jackets.

  8. The jackets are up for the next few weeks and they’re also on in the store section if you want to see close ups.

  9. We just recently had something along those lines in Winnipeg, Manitoba last weekend. It was called the “Just for Kicks” art show and had tattoo artists from all over Canada paint on shoes. Really neat show!

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