We Do Not Inherit the Earth

Kevin, a UK transplant living in the Netherlands, who has “always been fascinated by tattoos [with his] main interest in Northwest (Haida) tattoos,” sends in this portrait shot of himself by Sydney Korsse. This sort of scattershot approach to tattoos doesn’t always work well, but the fact that he’s stuck with such a unified theme actually makes for a nice effect, I think. For more on Kevin and his Haida tattoos, visit his fairly thorough web site: HaidaTattoos.com. Until tomorrow, ModBloggers.

(All tattoos by John at Tattoo and Piercing Studio Almere in Almere, The Netherlands.)

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20 thoughts on “We Do Not Inherit the Earth

  1. im not a fan of ‘scattershot’ tattooing either, it always feels unfinished. but then wen are you ever finished anyway? hmmm…
    and yeh i agree on the continual theme pulling things all back together, it makes it less scattered.

    also nice sensual facials.

  2. I love the work around his collar, looks awesome.

    I guess I’m in the minority in that I sometimes prefer the scattered look. When tattoos are spread apart from each other they seem to stand out more, at least in my eyes.

  3. I do not want to sound daft (although, most of the time I do), but what is an “UK transplant”?

  4. Probably gonna cop some flack, but the collarwork looks very similar to Maori artwork. If it’s Haida, then there must be remarkable similarities between that small area of Haida art, and the majority of Maori artwork (What I mean is tha tif the collarowkr is indeed Haida, it’s not something I’ve seen in much Haida artwork though it resembles most Maori artwork). Any info on that?

  5. Jon P : If you look at his website, in the “non-haida tattoos” section, then you’ll see you’re right. The collar is actually Maori artwork.

  6. even if his approach to collecting is scatterd, i think it will look awesome if he sticks to the theme(s)

    but if he starts throwing in neo-traditional, color portraits and new-skool, etc it will turn to crap

    my favorite part of the pic is the look on his face

  7. i actually dont find the theme that unified? the collar is amazing, as are the thighs. the older tattoos on his forearms are how i want my entire body to look. A+ man

  8. this is reasonably strange. and kinda creepy. and yea, not a big fan of the scattered pieces

  9. I want to show this to my dad, but he’ll just be pissed off that it’s a naked guy covered in tattoos. Dammit. I guess I’ll just show him this Tanka Bar my roommate brought back and skip the indigenous artwork. :( Or uh, tattoos based on indigenous artwork.

  10. I’m not a fan of the scattered tattoos either, it reminds me of those 2 guys that put temp. tattoos all over themselves just a little while ago. I do however agree that the unified theme does pull it together.

  11. Jon P – no, this guy isn’t Haida. He hasn’t met any Haida, or gone to the rez.

    But he’s read about them in books and on the internet, and thinks they’re really cool and have pretty sweet tats.

  12. So he’s got some fantasy concept of Haida from books and therefore covered his body with therir imagery? What a tosspot.

  13. hehe is it just me or is this man striking a funny pose… maybe im missing something :|

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