Sammy & Sid

Here’s another lovely (and thought-provoking) video courtesy of Shawn (more).. Read on Macduff!

“I dug this footage up when I was preparing a class I was preparing to teach on behalf of the APP; it features Sailor Sid Diller interviewing “Tattoo Sammy” from Frankfort, West Germany.”

DivX download (233 MB) link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

“Sammy appeared in P.F.I.Q. #18 (1983) and #19 as the magazine’s first documented tongue piercing. This clip has audio and video glitches (that Roo was kind enough to clean up to the best of his ability) present in the original VHS; that’s why these are so important to share. Once the original masters degrade – this stuff could be lost forever. I hope you guys are enjoying these glimpses into our not so distant past!

Enjoy! – Shawn”

19 thoughts on “Sammy & Sid

  1. As a budding anthropologist, i would like to sincerely thank Shawn for the opportunity to see primary documents like this. The history, and the anthropology, of body modification has been really difficult to pin down, and the lack of access to primary documents, such as this one, has been a major impediment to my research. Having them available through BME has been a huge help.

  2. (A)ndy – I agree completely, hopefully one day we’ll have everything cleaned up and available.

    If you click the SPC tag you can see more lovely videos from the archives.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to us. Interesting and informative to say the least…….fascinatingly nostalgic as well!

  4. Wow…..I can’t believe I was tattooed by both of these guys. I remember waiting about 3 hours to get a tattoo from Sammy in FRANKFURT. It was my first tattoo.

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  6. Hi, I’d love to see or download this video. But I don’t know how to do it. Can anybody help? Thanks

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