The Forests of the Night

We’ve had our love on for all things asymmetrical lately, which is fine! It’s fine. But, lest we neglect to pay tribute to someone like Bedfordshire’s Laura, and cherish their fearful symmetry.

20 thoughts on “The Forests of the Night

  1. I love her eyes. And piercings, though not completely symmetrical because I think I spy only one nostril is pierced. I’m OCD like that.

  2. I noticed the single nostril piercing right away too. I HAVE to be symmetrical, so that would just drive me crazy. Beautiful girl though, and I wish I had her eyes.

  3. :O oh my fucking good goddd!??!?! haha this is so wierd! i work with laura :D, we’re going to get my microdermals done tommorow? this is so wierd? i was talking to her a couple hours ago? sooo strange, she’s an amazing girl :)

  4. As a person who is rather ocd about symmetry in his life(for instance I hate eating bread that is not a perfect square or circle…) the one nostril piercing to stick out ;)

    That being said very cute photo love her hair too!

  5. i didn’t know they had pretty girls in bedfordshire! only time i ever went all i saw was very ugly men lol.

  6. I wouldn’t have noticed the nostril piercing due to the fact that I can’t help but keep looking at those beautiful eyes of hers.

  7. Single nostril *twitch* not symetrical! *twitch*
    Sorry, OCD kickin’ in there.

  8. Please put less of these commonplace portraits… There are tons of people with common piercings in the streets… Okay she is not ugly, but I thought that Modblog was dedicated to interesting or unusual things, and to cultural events of BodMods… (I’m sorry for my english)

  9. Accckkk Dusk shut the fuck up I HATE that shit…… She’s lovely her piercings are well placed and well healed and she’s wearing proper jewelry … nuff said

  10. Haha wow, Dusk, you don’t know shit about BME or the community do you? What you seem to be trying to promote is discrimination, Bodymodification is apreciated and accepted on every level here, not just if someone has something different? But i like that you put you “thought” Modblog was dedicated to interesting or unusual things, cause, well you deffinately thought wrong i’m afraid. Also what’s not “interesting” about this picture? beleive me Lauras a very interesting individual. Fair enough it’s your opinion, but i doubt it’ll be taken nicely here? especially if you portray it in such a way as you previously did. ANYWAY, long story short, this community is about everyone learning, meeting and helping promote growth and just all around peace, love n happiness ;) …But ofcorse, that’s just what i “thought”

    hugz n kissezzz

  11. 1. she is gorgeous
    2. her piercings suit her wonderfully
    3. god i wish my hair would actually look that way when i try to style it like that… *laughs*
    4. why do people hate on lovely pictures of lovely people?
    5. just mentioning again that she is beautiful (oh my GOD those eyes)

  12. ahhh this is my sister :) mmm she may not be symmetrical, but she really is beautiful, in every way possible

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