All Darkness Near

Really beautiful set of photos here featuring the lovely Samar, who is no stranger to the ol’ ModBlog, with a suspension-assist by Erik Dakota and Andrea Costantino, who did the eight eight-gauge piercings involved here. Do we have a name for this variation yet? If not, well, think on it, ModBloggers. In the meantime, more pictures are just after the jump.

(Photos taken at The Armory in San Francisco by Daniel Riedel.)

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Trendspotting: Animal Carcasses

So, here is a fun new style all the fashionistas are latching onto these days: attractive women wearing dismembered animal heads as nightmare-inducing masks! Here is bad_bunny (more) sporting the latest in, hmm, horse skulls? With suspension hook tattoos by Jsin at Bloodlines Tattoo in San Rafael, California, and the photo, “Intimacy” by © g r o u n d f l o o r.

After the jump, another pretty lady in a flesh helmet.

This, of course, is local favorite meltbanana, whose Zpira-done cutting has been featured before, albeit without the big ol’ pig face.

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Never Burn Your Buns

This ancient, murderous, mustachioed sea-demon dragon has been summoned by bad_bunny, who is likely going to use his powers to, I don’t know, destroy a castle, or perhaps steal a bejeweled sword? Probably one of those. And as if such dragon-summoning prowess is not impressive enough, bad_bunny has also been known to perform now and then with both Allen Falkner and CoRE, doing suspensiony things. Watch her handle a chain, after the jump.

(Backpiece — which is 95 per cent finished — by Scott Silvia at Black Heart Tattoos in San Francisco, California.)

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