This Is Not An American Apparel Ad, Honest

… as much as it may sorta look like one (minus the low-cut V-neck hipster tees and grey leggings, of course). What it is, however, is a couple of kids, very much in love, very much in Sweden, in various stages of undress. Hooray!

We share our love for funny tattoos and bright colours. That’s what keeps us together. We both have knuckle-tattoos, chestpieces, septum and smiley piercings. When one of us does something, the other one does the same thing! We both even have our screen-names tattooed on the other’s ankle. We know, we’re geeky.

Oh God yes, are you ever. But hey, you’re cute, so we’ll let it slide. More shots, post-jump.

147 thoughts on “This Is Not An American Apparel Ad, Honest

  1. Girls this perfect make me hate myself…ha ha… no…she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen…. everrrr.

  2. The girl is cute.

    The guy really needs to work out, eat pasta, and spend some dam time in the sun.

  3. @#2…”one of the most beautiful women i’ve seen…”…..really!?????..are you serious?????? there has been, i dont know, maybe FIFTY better looking girls on this site, with way better looking mods!

    and the guy looks like a douche…..the cupcake tattoo suits him

  4. Weird facial expression + awkward boob grab makes that first photo really uncomfortable.

  5. i’m not going to hate on them, like everyone else seems to be doing. i think he’s is super cute, i like my men to be pale and skinny.

  6. i’m not going to hate on them, like everyone else seems to be doing. i think he’s is super cute, i like my men to be pale and skinny.

  7. #12
    Because personal reasons aren’t personal any more!
    Any reason is good if you don’t regret it. Period.

  8. @donkeypunch, please link to your pictures so we can criticise and critique your modification choices (:

  9. lol @ #3

    They’re both very attractive and sickeningly cute/matching

    I shouldn’t be saying “kids these days” at 25, but man……someone explain to me this whole wide brimmed hat thing.

  10. Much as I hate scene kids, these two seem endearing. She’s got wicked hair too.

  11. So this is what body modification culture stands for… very cultivated.

    Shannon, could I push rewind?

  12. these comments disappoint me
    #1: yeah I remember seeing these somewhere before
    Although I’m not much of a fan of their tats n such I like the lil’ diamond he’s got on his wrist

  13. Awkward boob grab FTW!!
    I love their mods and they are super cute together!! :D
    #10 – I too like skinny pale boys.

  14. ehh, im my eyes, this is just a fad for them, hence the “kids these days”. i would say the same thing when it was a different fad that was “cool”.
    she does have nice boobs, jelous right here
    but i also feel bad for them.

  15. lol at people saying “TYPICAL KIDS”

    Jesus where the hell do you live? Inside a convention ?

    If only all the kids in my neighborhood looked this good.

  16. The girl i sickeningly gorgeous and, yes, has incredible breasts that fit her little stature perfectly. Not a fan of the tattoos but each and every one of us has at least one stupid tattoo.
    I’m not exactly sure why there are so many shit talking rock stars on here– reading all these negative comments really makes me think less about the community as a whole. I bet if it was a couple photo of the more well known figures in the modification community there would be two pages full of people eating their asses with positive feedback.

    say something nice and/or constructive or say nothing at all.

  17. goodness, i didn’t realize how much better EVERYONE is than these poor unfortunate souls.

    too much critiquing, not enough enjoying.

  18. I totally loled at the not an american apparel comment.

    However, though I find these photos to be somewhat stupid and “scene”, I do like the following things:

    -that the girl is just chillin shirtless just like the boy, and it isn’t sexual (except for the first photo)

    -and that the boy is a cutie

  19. I soooooo agree @30. they’re the best boobs ever; i wish they were mine. :[ and personally i dont see whats wrong with them. i think they’re adorable.

    and hes really hot

  20. i think these two look sweet. they clearly like to have fun together, and i think everyone needs a companion like that, romantic or otherwise, so good for them. also, who the fuck cares if their mods seem kinda trivial or trendy or whatever? it works for them and they dont regret it, and that means a lot. the only thing is that theyre kind of matchy matchy, down to the way they part their hair and wear their hats. which is a little bit odd, but they say people like to date others who are on the same level. all i can say is im glad hes not wearing as much make up as she is… lol.. he is really handsome just the way he is.

  21. @27, kinda looks like a kitty poking its head out. anyone know if theyre on IAM?

  22. wow. lame. only reason they are on here is because the girl has nice tits. put some clothes on and grow up. that goes for both of them.

  23. there is nothing attractive about these people.

    i hate scene kids.they probally listen to brokencyde too,hahahaha.

  24. I can’t believe how negative people are being. All the people bitching just sound like elitist douches. I was under the impression this was a place for people to show themselves for who they are and be supported for it, not mocked because we don’t all have the same taste. It’s just getting ridiculous and I think it’s a shame that we will lose all sense of community because some people think they’re better than everyone else. Those two are having fun with each other and with modification, they don’t deserve to be belittled like this on here.

  25. YES #18!!!

    I am only 28 but have to say kids these days also. wtf is WITH the wide brimmed hat? bend it, all the way!

  26. #39 agreed! :)
    I think they look fine, sure they look a little scene but who cares. They are happy and that’s what matters.

  27. To whoever asked about the grey thing on the end of the banner, it is a cat.

  28. just love the perfect body of the girl and the boy
    the boy looks like my bf if only my bf had such nice tats

  29. dude i dont care if you hate the wide brimmed hats…. her is awesome its the ghosts from pacman…. you cant find a cooler hat than that

  30. Wow.. I’m pretty sure I typed, but somehow ended up on some hater-blog?

  31. So much hatred! Maybe it’s not the most original stuff, but you can’t deny that they’re supercute

  32. I admire the passion that they have for eachother, and if it brings them happiness then why detract from that with such hostility? It brings sadness to my heart to read all of these comments. Does anyone still believe in love? Or Respect? Oh well, online annonymity has obviously spawned a playground for monsters to run rampant insulting those that they deem less worthy than themselves. Let’s see all of you wretched individuals post your semi-nude bodies on this site for us to degrade and poke fun at, then maybe you could gain some insight into how it is to be harrassed in such a matter.


  33. i can see there are quite a few scene kids on this site now (who else would find anything to like about these pics????)………lame

  34. Or we can give up bitching about people and their choices. I think they’re incredibly adorable…
    and the boob grab, HELLS YEAH! I thought it was hilarious!

    Just like something my fiance would do!

    I vote KUDOS to them!

  35. @49 I hate people who hate scene kids for no good reasons, and who cares if they listen to brokencyde…

  36. Meh im a hater.

    To me it looks like people that get what the see on the internet and dont have much imagination or forethought for their work (think tiny side lip rings five years ago and change it to lame knuckle tattoos now, everyone has them).

    If they are happy, awesome.

  37. I’d hope that their love for each other was what was keeping them together, but apparently they don’t love each other, just bright colors and funny tattoos. Hope it works out for them.

  38. I hate how if you dye your hair and are under 25 everyone assumes you’re part of the nebulous “scene”, which isn’t a scene at all. Do y’all pop up on koi fish and “Americana” tattoos and say “OH THAT IS SO CLICHÉ.” blah blah about trendiness and meaninglessness, etc? Like that hasn’t been part of the whole “tattooing” culture ever since we left the tribe-style society.

  39. I like the cat on his chest! The other pieces seem like random clipart.
    Did no one notice the head bracket things on his hips along with the other penis reference with the heart coming from his pants?
    He seems lame and trendy.
    Bit one day, maybe they’ll get out of a phase or grow up a bit, get some really great tattoos, and stay together, who knows.The photos are well done, I like how she’s just chillin without a shirt like a guy would, rather than some sexual pose…

  40. They look cute together, but the hair colour doesn’t work at all for this girl. It looks like a really shitty wig.

    Everything else I have no problem with. Whatever.

  41. Seriously, I like this. I like the fact that they can be themselves with someone else and put it out there for the world to see. I give her props for stickin her titties out there for us all to enjoy. It seems like there have been WAY more negative comments lately on every pic that goes up here. i.e. the cute guy with the mohawk and a “blowout” … people ripped that poor guy a new one for his ears. You would think the people who put their selves out there for us to enjoy would appreciate a little bit of good feedback and not all this negative bullshit whining from everyone who doesn’t like someone else’s tattoos. You all sound like my parents! Be glad that there are people out there that aren’t scared to show off a little skin and a little ink!

  42. shitty tattoos. boring faces. they have knuckle tattoos because it’s cool. what do they do, live in their mom’s basement, or work at hot topic? it has to be one of the two.
    boobs don’t impress me unless they are covered with good tattoos, that’s what I thought this website was about. If I wanted to see hipsters with no shirts on, I’d go on myspace.
    Way too thin. No thanks.

  43. hi, thanx for all the nice comments, I smile when I read them, really.
    but I fuckin’ laugh at all you haters. seriously, you guys suck.
    first of all, I don’t even have a myspace.
    and “living in our mom’s basement”? I’m a journalist, and miryam works as a tattoo-artist.
    so keep trash-talking, it’s just funny :)

  44. I really think everyone here who’s being negative needs to just grow the fuck up. As if people in this community weren’t alienated enough by shallow people on the outside, now we get it from insiders too? Come on, this is just petty and stupid. They look cute, they look happy, their mods are well done and suit them. What is the problem here? Pull yourselves together – you sound like bullies.

  45. simon, so what if you dont have a Myspace, it doesn’t make you any less trendy..LOL!….and some people shouldn’t be tattoo artists….crappy shops are popping up all over the place, i have seen sooo many people with incredibly shitty tattoos…but i have seen lots of nice ones too

  46. It says they’re in various stages of undress, but they’re in exactly the same stage of undress. This is what I noticed first, not boob grabbing or skinny-ness or whatever. I’m weird.

  47. journalist for your college newspaper or basement blogging isn’t the same as a real journalist

  48. socialcoma: I am a graduated journalist, and have been working as one. and i HATE bloggers, with a few exeptions though. (sorry for the bad english, if there was any)

  49. The colours are hurting my eyes. Yes, you are attractive young people.
    Now both of you shave your heads and start over, please, and you’ll look even better.

  50. actually Simon I’m gonna need more proof than you’re word. please link an article that you have written as a professional journalist.thanks

  51. Since this is body modification website that advertises all sorts of ridiculous modifications, I never expected such childish remarks. Maybe, along with deleting the myspace accounts you guys created, you should also stop viewing modblog, since it’s not up to your standards anymore either. Shut up, and appreciate someone elses right to express themselves.

  52. Haha wow… what the fuck is wrong with you people?! Do I actually see someone there attempting to argue with him over his profession?! Seriously, WTF…get a life dude…!!!!!!! Believe it or not, young people with tattoos/piercings ARE allowed to graduate from university and work in the ‘real world’. And the more of us, the better in my opinion :)

    Cool hat btw. Where can I get one?! :p

  53. 96: seriously? it was a joke

    94: you have made yourself a powerful enemy.

  54. well, fuk.

    i have to say, the tattoos are actually good quality, regardless of subject matter.
    and if thats what they want on there bodies let them be.

    I think they are both beautiful.

    i dont understand why everyone is so anti-scene. its just a subculture.Im sure we’ve all participated in subcultures at some point?

  55. Oh, good Lord! Oh, precious, precious Lord! He has nice lobes and she has nice boobs. These pictures though make him look like a douchey ass clown. The hat tilt and lame hand gestures….lose them real fucking quick.
    Also, why is clothing/image always linked to music. They have absolutely nothing in common. I don’t need to have a fauxhawk and chuck taylors to play an instrument.

  56. I’m actually surprised no one picked at the ” We know, we’re geeky” thing from the email, which was pretty lame. Other then that – I dig the girl’s tats (and tits, I have to say) but I can’t say the same about the guy’s ones, they’re still nicely done, though.

  57. Why all the hate on slim guys? I love my men slim. In fact I weigh more than my boyfriend :D

  58. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why punk kids nowadays don’t know how the bend the fucking brims on their goddamned hats?!?!?

  59. Ok, here’s how I see it:
    As far as BME goes, judging the quality of the work, its good. The content looks like crap flash, but done well.

    Judging them, yeah, total scene kids. These are the morons who try to do ninja kicks in a circle pit. I aim for ‘em. Whenever this “mods as fashion” trend shit dies, they’ll be stuck with shitty tattoos.

    And as far as their sizes go, im 6ft 270lbs and worked to get this size. I like my girls curvy, ya know, real women.

    You don’t buy hardcore. You either are or aren’t.

  60. “You don’t buy hardcore. You either are or aren’t”


    this coming from someone who probably considers themselves ‘hardcore’.

    :fuck, I’m so hardcore:

  61. dont even get people started on whether or not these kids are hardcore…..they are part of the ‘gaycore’ scene. Its trendy people like this that completely ruined the hardcore music scene and made it about fashion instead of what the music is all about… individuals for fuck sake!

  62. So whatever happened to “live and let live”?
    This is a community. We’re supposed to support each other when the rest of the world misunderstands our decisions to modify ourselves. Instead, what I’m seeing is “OMG SCENE KIDS GO DIEEEE”.

    I’m not fond of their style or their attitude, but I choose not to say anything because that’s only my opinion. Obviously, my tastes differ from theirs, but I will respect that. Now, if there was some epic blowout or infected piercing on either of them, I’d speak up in the hope that they check the comments and maybe realize they need to take better care of their mods, for their own health. As far as I see, though, there are no such things in this photo, maybe because we’re not getting closeups and maybe because they’re simply not there. I’m not about to throw around assumptions.
    That leaves me with absolutely no reason to comment.
    (That is, until I read all about this flamewar.)

    It can be argued that they chose to put these pictures on the internet and so made themselves subject to judgment. But that still doesn’t give such a vast majority of you an excuse to be such asshats.

    So please, for the love of all that is good, get off your damned high horses and realize that your opinions don’t matter any more than theirs do, and your negativity is completely pointless.

  63. Fuck everyone who’s commenting about what is and isn’t hardcore. You sound like all those cunts who moan about what is and isn’t metal. There’s no mention of music here so what the fuck are you even mentioning hardcore for?

    In my personal opinion, these kinda kids make me wanna vomit, but only based on appearances. Anton Lavey said we crystallize what we deem fashionable in our adolescence and won’t abide any changes to that as time goes on. I agree, I find all this new fashion ridiculous. But these kids might be very nice people.

    If they wanna dress the way they’re dressing, or class themselves as nerdy/geeky/whatever, fuck ‘em, that’s their right. If I wanna think I’m king of the world and walk around with immense swagger, then fuck me, that’s my right.

    I think people tend to forget we live in an individualist society wherein you can wear and say whatever the fuck you want. If you’re lamenting some kind of homogenized lifestyle, go live in North Korea or somewhere equally totalitarian.

    Fuck the world. Hail Satan.

  64. @114- please excuse all of us that voiced opinions that don’t match up to your personal philosophy. Fuck me, I thought I was living in a world that commends free speech.

    “So please, for the love of all that is good, get off your damned high horses and realize that your opinions don’t matter any more than theirs do, and your negativity is completely pointless.”

    Point this finger right back at yourself sweetheart.

    happy motherfuckin’ fourth of July!

  65. i think if they like their tattoos, etc. then that’s great. they have to live with them – we don’t. if you’re not a fan of the pictures there are plenty of other eye candy pix that you can enjoy instead. you know?

    it’s just unfortunate that they’re being judged for not being cool enough or radical enough or following some kind of a trend. i’m sure everyone on here has been judged unfairly because of the mods that we’ve made to ourselves.

    it’s okay to voice your opinion – but you have to be okay with the fact not everyone is going to agree with your point of view.

  66. @117: I see where you’re coming from by telling me to point the finger back at myself. I know this. But the moment you started being condescending was the moment I stopped taking you seriously.

  67. Hahahahahahahaha it’s the fuckin’ internet, grow the fuck up all you retards who think you’re gaining anything by arguing online.

  68. 108: In Scotland, the more bend in the hat, the less education. NEDs wear brims bent into what looks like a toilet roll tube.

    Criticism of people here for being too skinny; criticism elsewhere on Modblog for being too fat — in a community where appearance is diverse — can people not just accept?
    This is why I, despite mods, contribute so few pictures to bme. :(

  69. 114: Your words are very true and I agree very much.

    Neurosis: Your funny as hell.

    Guy in pic: You have some very interesting tattoos. I personally don’t have any yet, but would like some. All the people that are saying that your tattoos look like crappy pop art or w/e need to shut up and really look at them. They’re really well done even though, yes, they are very simple. The one on your chest is quite big and still well done. *Props to the artist as well*

    Chick in pic: Damn…you have like a crazy nice body for one and your tattoos are also very nicely done.

    Now for me: I don’t have tattoos yet, wish I did because my gf loves them. I do have my ears gauged out to 6′s (I know ‘whooptie do’ right?) I also am 19 and look nothing like the ‘scene’ kids, never have and never will, but that doesn’t mean that the look itself is bad or stupid, it’s just a matter of opinion as to if it looks good to you. If it doesn’t look good to you, no one needs to know your hatred towards it, it’ll just make you look like an ass.

    All skinny pale guys: We must stick together to win the war against the sun!

  70. To everyone: We must fight to win the war against those who use the term ‘gauge’ instead of ‘stretching’. Allahu Akbar!

  71. Does it really matter what terminology is used? I think its funny how you people love to pick out THE SMALLEST thing about a person and blow it into some cataclysmic issue. So what if someone has their HAT bent a certain way, you say gauge instead of stretch…Shut up and just enjoy the freakin pictures!

  72. dude i dont know why you all are freaking out about how his tats look gay or oh theyre just scensters who gives a shit they both went through all the same pian of a tattoo and all the same pain and what not with their peircings as anyone else

  73. “gauge” vs. “stretch” is not a fashion, live and let live issue, it’s a grammar issue. When I tell people I miled my car 20 today, and they don’t look at me funny, I’ll accept it.

  74. Haha, I’m in on the war against the incorrect usage of the word “gauge.”
    And yes, her hair and her bewbz are pretty rad. <3

  75. who are we to judge them and there reason for getting there mods? i mean theres plent of people out there that just got pierced or tattooed for shits and giggles,so fuck it who cares,let them be.

  76. they just appear kinda vain and at worst, unoriginal. GORG/EOUS not a unique knuckle theme and I’ve always thought that as a member of the modified community it’s already implied that you know we know you know you’re attractive. they’re not offending me but I think not everyone’s concept of feng-shui involves rainbow explosions of day-glo, jagged, geometrics patterns. There isn’t any reason I couldn’t see myself getting along with these folks, shit, I like pacman, they just choose to present themselves more loudly and with more expensive jeans than I care to apply to myself.

    Hating is easy. Challenge yourself to find ways to enjoy things you deem unplaceable.

  77. I can’t believe people are being so cynical, their tattoos are sweet. Funny/stupid tats = win. I mean sure judge people with blown up tribal backpieces or mis-spelled chinese characters but don’t judge cupcakes. Bold outlines and colours, yum.
    I feel there’s some ageist sentiment here.
    PS Swedes are hot.

  78. PPS Gay is actually not a synonym for ‘stupid’, it is a synonym for ‘homosexual’. And just to clarify, ‘homosexual’ is not a synonym for ‘stupid’ either. So shh with your gay.

  79. simon! vill ge alla haters en spark i huvudet för dom verkar svårt efterblivna när dom inte inser att dina tatueringar är grymma. jag tycker du verkar rätt grym som person med. party hard! cheers.

  80. ja, jag hoppas det. (: känns faktiskt lite trist när typ alla kommentarer är gnäll. jag trodde att bodymod och modblogfolket var snälla människor, men alla verkar bara vilja vara så jävla negativa. ganska onödigt.

    och när slänger ni upp nya låten på myspace då?!

  81. miryam sater is absolutely beautiful. she has a beautiful style, and i think that she is exquisite. who are you to judge? if you’re happy with yourself, and are being who you want to be, it’s a lot more than most anyone else can do. you should admire. obviously if you’re sitting here dissing some innocents just for being themselves, you have some insecurities you need to take up with yourself. /endrant.

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