Sweet Lincoln’s Mullet

Last week, we mentioned Nae‘s gigantic silicone hand implants by Brian Decker and, apparently, ’tis the season, since the lovely Cour has checked in with this shot nicely displaying her very well-healed anchor implant by none other than Mr. Decker himself (previously, albeit slightly more obscured). And hey, if this sort of thing is up your alley, don’t forget to book an appointment with Brian for his trip to Columbus, Ohio, from July 29 to August 4. It’s just a good idea, alright?

(Photo by Jennifer Iler at Cherry Bomb Photography.)

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18 thoughts on “Sweet Lincoln’s Mullet

  1. My she is gorgeous!

    Love the Chin dimple, don’t mess with that gorgeous face!

  2. Lovely!!! Love the implant too. I can’t wait to get mine…less than 3 weeks!

  3. ah what a gorgeous girl!
    I’m usually not a huge fan of implants but this one is to die for

  4. I generally dislike implants that are in the shape of anything other than like a bump or a line or something simple. But this, at least in this photo looks really fucking awesome!

  5. This is the absolutly the only implant I’ve ever liked, and this is fuckin amazing. I want to see this in person. And wowser, she’s quite a looker. Yummy

  6. Gorgeous in every way! The implant is pure win and I’d like to see a better view of the neck tattoo.

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