A Bubble, A Shadow, A Drop of Dew

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s get the ball rolling with ModBlog royalty Ferdudurke (more, more, more), who is courageously checking in from the middle of, hmm, a terrible lightning storm? A lightsaber battle? Some sort of drug-fueled “rave” party that all the kids are going to these days? Whatever it is, we thank our friend from Moscow for having the decency to wait until he had grown that fancy mustache before checking in. Much obliged, good sir.

And just like that, ModBloggers, we’ve got ourselves a Tuesday. Hold me uptight, let me breathe now, etc.

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5 thoughts on “A Bubble, A Shadow, A Drop of Dew

  1. couldn’t agree more with you about the moustache xD

    …and i like to belive those are tiny faires flying around, blessing him with eternal good-looks…

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