Naughty In My Sight

Ahoy-hoy, ModBloggers! Let’s roll out today with this damn-near perfect hand grenade cutting by our favorite intergalactic scalpel-wielding space creature, Anders “Alienboy” Allinger at Flesh Impressions in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia. Is the wearer a soldier, perhaps? An anarchist, maybe? Or, more sinister than anything, a Green Day fan?

And holy holy, it’s Friday, folks. Feel free to bottle up and explode.

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10 thoughts on “Naughty In My Sight

  1. “Or, more sinister than anything, a Green Day fan? ” Absolutely hilarious !

    It does look damn near perfect though & I love it. I wonder how he did it.

  2. “Or, more sinister than anything, a Green Day fan? ”

    ha, i was thinking the same thing. if that guy just wanted a grenade for whatever reason, he will forever have people thinking *green day* when they see it.

  3. “O Lord, bless this Thy holy hand grenade, that Thy enemies, being naughty in Thy sight, may be blown to itty bitty bits — in Thy mercy.”

    Subtle reference, Jordan 🙂

  4. Grenade Gloves if I’m not mistaken. It’s the same proportions as their logo. Snowboarding pipe glove/accessory company.

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