Chop It Down

And finally, folks, let’s end our day with this handsome portrait of, hands down, one of the baddest m.-fuckers in rock and roll history. Have we seen rock star portraits before? Of course we have. But when we get such an exceptional piece honoring a man who treated his guitar like an extension of his genitals more than anyone else we can think of, well, that gets posted, friends.

Tomorrow, we’ve got an interesting interview with a community member who’s feeling conflicted over a procedure he’s recently undergone. Until then, machine gun. Night night.

(Tattoo by Justin Jakus at Pop’s Place Tattoos in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.)

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4 thoughts on “Chop It Down

  1. “one of the baddest m.-fuckers in rock and roll history” that’s true :) my father loves him, and if he was tattooed he would make jimmy hendrix full-back tattoo :D i hope he’ll done it, i would be so proud of my dad :)

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