Chouk does it right

Stretched lobes, check. Stretched Medusa, check, Stretched upper ear punch, Stretched Lowbrets (?) Check. What else am I missing?? Look closely and if you don’t see it, check the tags for a clue!



Click through for another photo.. Piercings by Indy of Ritual Piercing in Brussels, Belgium.

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Tattoos by Alexandre Wuillot of La Main Bleue in Mons, Belgium.

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On the theme of men..

There is an abundance of “low hanging fruit” on this one. I don’t know if I should make a joke about cocking the shotgun or what. Chouk sends us his Shotgun tattoo by Dan Sinnes. I’m not sure how old the tattoo is but it looks like it’s holding up well. It’s hard enough to find an artist willing and talented enough to tattoo the skin of a penis but getting it to stay in there is no easy task. Chouk also happens to have a transcrotal if you didn’t happen to notice.


Goodnight Modblog , I’m sorry you’ve been so neglected lately but I’m seeing someone else.

Their Mandible Tongues

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s kick off hump day with noted sausage-holder Alex, who has eschewed ear meats today in favor of some tasteful black-and-white photography by Jean-Michel Clajot. We like most everything about this shot, but the blurry effect on his upper-arm tattoo is particularly interesting (and maybe even a little creepy), I thought. No? We’re wrong? Whatever.

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Marmalade And Manner

Well hey, if it isn’t our old friend Alex, last seen around these parts showing off his then-newly stretched vertical lowbrets. This time around, he’s sporting a month-old 6 mm. scalpelled medusa, in addition to some sort of delicious meat jewelry dangling from his ear. Once everyone gets tired of splitting their lobes and whatnot, could THIS be the hot new trend that sweeps the nation? I certainly hope so.

And holy hell, it’s Friday, ModBloggers. The names can be changed, but the place is still the same.

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If Only You Try

The lat time we saw Andy around these parts, it was nothin’ but wang, which, hey, yielded few complaints. But now, we’ve got an update on his vertical lowbrets (which we’ve seen a few times in the past), freshly up to 3.2 mm., potentially on their way to 4 mm., and in mighty good health from the looks of things. After the jump, a shot of that adorable punim from a better angle, chops and all.

(Lowbrets by Indy at Ritual Piercing in Brussels, Belgium.)

Stripped to the Bone

“Jordan,” the commenters ask, “you know how we enjoy the backpieces, the majestic suspension pictures and the breathtaking scarification work, but where are all the wangs?” Well, ask and you shall receive, gentle commentariat. Here we have Alex, he of Brussels, Belgium, sporting two 6 mm. rod and bead implants apiece, to say nothing of the all-seeing eye at the head of the class there. The implants almost remind me of simple runes, but the eye? The eye knows you’re afraid.

(Implants by Indy at Ritual Body Piercing in Brussels, Belgium.)

Still Connected

Remember this post back in March? Here’s a few more from the set (they were for a friend‘s school project) that I thought were worth showing you, for real!

My girlfriend Anais and I.

As mentioned in March post, piercing by John Blow in Brussels, Belgium, photo by Jefta.

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