One Day at a Time

As per usual when it comes to awesome and interesting things, there is a very good chance your editor is missing an important reference point for the above tattoo. (If it were an Anchorman quote, we would have picked it out in .0001 seconds.) Anyway! This beautiful piece comes to us from the good folks at Tattoo Alien in Wałbrzych, Poland. Are we looking at a futuristic cityscape? A war-torn reminder of the past? Vile pornography for far-away space monsters? Short answer: Yes.

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19 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. Yup I am going with Gotham City from the new Batman series, you know the one with the Joker but not as good as the one Jack Nicholson played.

  2. Dude, Ledger was a good Joker. I don’t know though, I’ve never seen the Nicholson version. Sweet tattoo though, really love the slight sketchiness of it.

  3. Looks post-apoc

    Maybe Gotham under construction? Is that a tiny batman in the dead center running along the train track?

    My guess would be Escape from New York/L.A. style city?

    Also Ledger was way better than Nicholson in the role of joker. Word

  4. First, I gotta say that this is really cool ink. I do agree on gotham aswell.

    To the other people. Everyone knows Ledger was a “Good” joker, but he was HIGHLY over-rated due to his unfortunate death.

  5. Stunning ink. I may be completely wrong, but my first thought was ‘Under the Steel Sky’, a screenshot from the intro to the game….

  6. Anyone seen Norbit? When I saw this all I could think is, well THERE’S Nippleopolis….
    Great tattoo by the way – fantastic detail and shading!

  7. Love it.

    And agree with #8 – very much looked forward to watching the film because of everyone raving about it beforehand (should really know better by now! I never seem to like the things people rave about) and turned to my other half afterwards and we both said at exactly the same time ‘over-rated, much!’

    He was good. But I’ve seen better.

  8. Man, I wish I were cool enough to bitch about a dead man’s work being drastically inferior to a really shitty performance over the internet via a discussion of a tattoo that neither includes, nor alludes to either performance. The only accurate Joker, was Mark Hammil. The others have been good in their own regards.

    But none of them are in this fuckin’ tattoo.

    Nice shading, interesting composition, and a bitchin’ helicopter, however, are.

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