Kindreds of Earth

And here we have UVO, checking in from the Bay Area with a very convincing genital pixelation tattoo on his genitals! Oh, wait, that’s not it at all, is it?

Well…of course not. What we have here is a bifurcated glans, with each side having been fit through fairly large-gauge piercings in his foreskin. “My current genital modification project,” he says, “is an attempt to loosen both halves of my bifurcated glans so that they wobble around and look and feel like they are ready to come off. I have started with the right side, and will continue only on that side for awhile.” Thus far, he says, the right side is considerably looser than the left, but at the time these photos were taken, he’d only started making cuts on the underside of the glans.

After the jump, UVO tries wearing it off to the side.

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13 thoughts on “Kindreds of Earth

  1. I don’t get it.. Why would you want your dickhead(s) to “wobble around and look and feel like they are ready to come off”?

  2. Fairly interesting. Certainly a different sort of perspective.

    For that matter though, why would you want big holes in your ears or anything hanging from them? I’m sure we all have reasons.

  3. I don’t entirely understand what I’m looking at. I thought I did, until I looked at the second picture. I feel like I need a diagram with part of it labeled “cut here.” So he split his glans (or it was split for him?) and then pulled it through a piercing? Or are there multiple piercings? Lol! I don’t know how I’m so confused, but It’s very interesting!

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