So Convincingly Real

You folks are swell sometimes, you know that? After Twyla Sue showed up earlier in the week with his veritable cabinet of curiosities, Parker checks in with another jackalope tattoo? Two jackalope tattoos in one week, for reals? Is it our birthday? (It is not our birthday.) Except, of course, because Parker is not so much a human with flaws as she is a perfect being from somewhere among the cosmos, this is not just a jackalope, but a jackalope crossed with a goddamned owl, which, hey. In fact, this jaunty fellow is Fairfax, the jackalope owl, just hanging out and having a cup of peppermint tea. He likes long walks on the beach and arts and crafts involving nature.

And just like that, it’s Friday, ModBloggers, and there’s a knife on the floor.

(Tattoo by Tara Quinn at Freakshow Tattoos in San Antonio, Texas.)

14 thoughts on “So Convincingly Real

  1. I’m betting it is not a jackalope, but it’s a wolpertinger, seriously go google wolpertinger (basically a jackalope with wings)

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