The Quiet Game

Welcome back to the BME Film Club! A few months back, we had the privilege of showing you these ultra exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from, whatsitcalled, Twilight, and now, straight from the feel-good hit of the early fall, it is Kevin and Siobhan on the set of your favorite Zombieland film in these pictures courtesy of Red Line Photos! Or, you know, they were at the 2009 Philly Zombie Prom. Either way. There’s another one after the jump—you be the judge.

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8 thoughts on “The Quiet Game

  1. I don’t know what they are up to, but I do know they are consistently fucking adorable and I miss the crap out of them. By the way, the zombie with perfectly prim glasses theme is pretty wonderful.

  2. hey, thanks for posting us on here! it was definitely a fun night. also, the link to my page is wrong; this is the correct one here if anybody’s interested.

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