Their Mandible Tongues

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s kick off hump day with noted sausage-holder Alex, who has eschewed ear meats today in favor of some tasteful black-and-white photography by Jean-Michel Clajot. We like most everything about this shot, but the blurry effect on his upper-arm tattoo is particularly interesting (and maybe even a little creepy), I thought. No? We’re wrong? Whatever.

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19 thoughts on “Their Mandible Tongues

  1. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this comment, because it is indeed a very good photograph, but what is that on his jawline? It looks like a similar plug to what’s in his lower lip. My brain can’t figure it out.
    Sorry if it’s just a mole or something – I’ve had a long day!

  2. Cami

    They’re called Lowbrets.

    It goes through the bottom on his lip down to right above his jawline.

  3. Oh, Belgium does have tasty boys to offer, miss the place already. And owls FTW always.

  4. awesome! i would love to see a better shot of the chest piece too. and yay for more mars volta references!

  5. Not to be critical, but to be informative, the piercings he has along his jaw lines are called VERTICAL lowbrets. The term lowbret alone is used for a totally different piercing which is just a low labret as the name implies.

  6. He’s a really fine young looking man. With or with out all the peircings and such.
    But The artistics on his body are done very well!!! Bravo to the artist/artists! And to the photographer for capturing an excelent black and white shot!
    Art and beauty…that’s what it is all about.

    As for the young man, he deserves something for self expression. He is a looker to boot.

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