Crazy Llamas

International man of mystery Craig Coupal checks in with these fancy new inner lip tattoos by Marty Lacombe, one of the fine artists at North Bay’s Live Once Tattoo. It really is interesting what hangs around in the ether and becomes something resembling a cultural institution, isn’t it? No offense intended to Messrs. Kutcher or Scott, nor to the gentlemen pictured above—it’s just funny, is all. And really, more than anything else, we’re just glad that these men of such varying backgrounds hair colors could put aside their many, many differences and come together for this joyous occasion.

75 thoughts on “Crazy Llamas

  1. She makes a quite valid point. They were ostriches, big, mean and scary ostriches. Dudes, that shits sweet.



    So it would read right when he crosses his hands over

    The standalone “Diet” sets a new tone methinks

  3. duuuuude, whats mine say?
    sweeeet, whats mine say?
    dude, whats mine say?
    sweet, whats mine say?
    dude…. what does mine say?
    sweet…. what does mine say?

    i couldnt resist. anyways, the knuckle tattoos looke pretty cool too

  4. his hands say LIVE ONCE
    DIE Twice

    they’re not written backwards or anything…

  5. awesome tattoos bros, it’s just a shame that ashton kutche r OD’s on heroin like that, but he was awesome as the joker in the dark knight bros. awesome. bros.

  6. so, i might come off as a dick, but, what has happened to ModBlog? ¿4 posts since this weekend? And it seems like an increasing trend. Is Modblog staff to busy for us nowadays or are people just not submitting anything worth showing? I realize I’m not an AIM member so I might get flack for posting this but, as an avid Modblog reader, I thought I’d voice my opinion.

  7. Love this!
    Try again blinded by fire. His knuckles say Live Once Die Twice and trust me they’re NOT backwards. Think about it.

  8. haha I so love these boys. Before I even saw what the tattoos said… out loud I said “DUDE”.

    miss them

  9. First people bitch about the content of modblog. Now they bitch about the quantity.

    Shut up and take what you are given!

    Lovely lip tattoos!

  10. Diva, Why is it not acceptable for an “avid Modblog reader” to want more posts? Modblog is seriously slacking, you can’t deny that.

  11. Okay, I take back what I said.

    I just checked modblog for the first time all day, and there is nothing. :|

  12. Sorry, we try to post 7 days a week but between having other jobs as well as Jordan being in school, we can’t always post on the weekends, especially holiday weekends.

  13. Yes, when people directly accuse me of something, I take the time to respond. Modblog has 170,830 comments on the archive of posts. We average a couple hundred a day and frankly, I don’t read them unless someone sends me a message saying “hey someone is accusing you of nonsense again!”

  14. I agree 100% with Modblog slacking. First the content started slipping down in quality ever since… you know. Now the quantity of what we do get is down. If the guy is too busy with school to scour everything BME receives to give us high quality and quantity then perhaps someone else should be handling Modblog. Between submissions and the VAST archives, there’s no reason there shouldn’t be something interesting and unusual on a regular basis.

    It’s becoming less and less relevant anyway. When was the last time you saw something on Modblog that represented the edgier side of the modification world? When was the last time you saw a post that challenged you to open your mind? We always used to be able to count on at least a few shockers a week: Pics of very unusual mods, interviews with people doing edge work, reports that were not always sanitized and politically correct, but were honest and genuine. Overall it felt like you were on the forefront of where the modification world was pushing the boundaries because you could feel in the posts the love of the pushing.

    Now we just get very generic pics of very generic mods, and little-to-no info on who and what is on the cutting edge. Modblog is seriously risking becoming irrelevant to the community. It’s anachronism rising. So to the powers that be: don’t think of this as a complaint; think of it as a “check engine” light before you stall out.

  15. How about we get back to the awesomeness that is Chris & Brandon?

    Yea that sounds good to me.

  16. I thought Jordan was a paid employee of BME, so why isn’t he posting more on ModBlog? I thought that was one of his duties? If so, do you’re fuckin’ job, Jordan.

  17. If the hired staff isnt going to do their job why not hire on a volunteer who might actually want to do something with the biggest body modification website on the internet? We’ve all had to deal with sub par pictures, a huge lack of any interviews and articles, as well as pretty unhelpful staff when it comes to at least uploading a new picture once in a while.

  18. I think I’ll just start checking modblog weekly instead of daily. Maybe then I can atleast see one or two new posts each time I look.

  19. I’m sorry, but this really is disappointing.
    Surely it doesn’t take that long to post just ONE thing a day??
    You don’t even have to write much. Just find one of the many beautiful pictures that users send in and write about how “gnarly” it is.
    I don’t know if it takes Jordan hours to write his oh-so-witty posts, but if it does, you can just as easily post a single sentence about who did the mods on the person(s) in the photo, and where, and who the person with the mods is.
    I’ll do it if you want!

  20. whoooooaaah guys, I love modblog just as much as anybody and am pissed about the lack of posts, but you don’t know what’s going on with Jordan that could be taking up his time. Family emergency, loss of a job, who fucking knows? And I doubt he gets paid much of anything to make a few posts a day on a modification blog.

    Calm down a little bit, he’s a person just like any of you and things come up. But uh…. anytime you want to start posting again, that’d be dandy….

  21. inkfaery- Rachel stated a few comments above “Jordan being in school” meaning no family emergency. And wouldn’t you think loss of a job would allow him more time? Not to mention like someone said – how long does it really take to post a quick picture?!

  22. You fuckin spoiled brats, just give him a break. If you don’t like it don’t come here anymore.

  23. @Rachel Here’s something that’s not nonsense: You’re a bitch that’s ruined this site.

  24. Before I say anything, I am an IAM member, and have been for some time, but I’m not giving my IAM information because as the TOS states, to paraphrase, you can’t complain about the management or content of BME without fear of your profile being deleted, so, you know, don’t question the administration and their decisions.

    The amount of posts is not my problem, sparse as they may be. My problem is with the content, the same drivel and jackass attempt at comedy that we have gotten so used to. This blog, and parent website, is no longer a source of modifications, it’s just another tattoo/piercing blog that advertises the same scene kids looking for notoriety that you would find anywhere else. This used to be a place to see people pushing the boundaries of modification, committed individuals pursuing their ideal self, and a source of intelligent discussion, articles, interviews, and commentary. At the risk of this being deleted: the best of ModBlog left with Shannon. It’s no suprise the best members of this community (practitioners and participants) are no longer present. Look into the archives of 2004 and see what this community used to stand for.

  25. i can just imagine jordan sitting there musing for hours trying to come up with one of his “puns.” seriously jordan, you are a comic genius, you should write for Mad TV

  26. The Founder of this website was a real poster, Modblog will never be the same. nuff said in yo face Rache

  27. Maybe people aren’t submitting as much these days? I know I haven’t. Optimistic, maybe.

  28. I think this is now some sort of Social Psychology experiment. Where all of us are forced to be stuck together on one post until we go mad!

  29. We’ve apparently been having some serious problems that I wasn’t aware of due to being sick for the past month. Things should be getting resolved shortly. Sorry for the delay. Posts should resume on Monday.

  30. I’m not being rude. But I’ve been here for ages. I’m sure he has good reasons for not being here. But in “normal” working life in such a circumstance, you would post a “sorry – life chaotic – bear with me” message, or someone else would step in to fill the gap. We’d all be proper understanding. Only I’ve been in several times a day for the last few days and…nothing. I don’t care about witty remarks, I just want to see photos of fab people with fab mods.

  31. This is my fault. I have been scarcely online for the past two months due to being ill and I didn’t realize we had yet another large problem brewing behind the scenes. It’s hard to communicate via email when no one is getting these emails so nobody knows what’s going on.

  32. As far as having volunteers, BME2.0 is going to be entirely community run (including modblog) so we’ll be able to have tons of volunteers and here is to hoping the beta launches soon.

  33. wow, i did not intend to start a fucking hate war against modblog’s quantity, (and esp. directy attacks on individuals) i simply wanted to pose a question. yall need to calm the fuck down and stop be so directly dickheadedish.

    and @ Urizen #49. fuck the fuck off.

    and on a side note, I would have thought with all the flack people are giving directly to Jordan, he might have had a comment. perhaps he really is bigger than the bullshit, and I like that.

    i like modblog, and i always. more posts would be nice, but ill take what i can get cause no one else is even remotely trying to make a “modblog-esque” website worth a damn.

  34. Rachel sucks, that’s all there is to it. It’s a pretty simple answer to any one asking what happened to BME. BME is no longer what it use to be and it never will be the same again. Thanks a lot Rachel for ruining something that so many people held so dear to their hearts. You destroyed BME and it’s a damn shame.

  35. really?
    dude and sweet?
    that merits a featurette?
    for fuck’s sake modblog.
    grow the fuck up or something …
    or watch better movies. ..
    . . ..dude and sweet . .. .. …
    i – i just honestly cant believe this is
    awesome or whatever y’all call it these days.

  36. I think the saddest part of this whole thing is that this post has the most comments we’ve seen on here in a long time…..

  37. Bloody hell, I like my ModBlog as much as anyone else but it’s obvious they’re having trouble keeping it up and aren’t being neglectful on purpose, there is no need to be nasty! Because of this 2.0 will be user generated, which wont be anything you find impressive either. This is a bad situation :-(

  38. maybe the quality of modblog is also tied to the proportion of people who thinks its ok to launch personal attacks against people because they don’t like what’s posted here. That behavior is intensely childish and frankly just makes you look like an asshole.

  39. -drew, nobody can make a modblog-esque site because no one else has the social infrastructure that has been built here over time

  40. I thought this was a community site. IF content is lacking, maybe it’s because the “community” is too busy bitching about the good old days and kissing ONE MAN’S arse. Its like Shannon was jesus or something. If you want better posts, start “pushing the boundaries.”

    And Its just a blog, its not the end of the world if it does not update. If your bored go look at free porn on redtube.

  41. BME/IAM/Modblog are all soulless now. The online community that this site once was is completely dead. Bme 2.0 might as well be a single page with an open apology to anyone walking around with a bme tattoo.

  42. Yea it sucks about the lack of updates — but it’s a fucking website. No need for immature name calling or bashing. Shit happens, so get off the computer and do something or find something else virtual you can whine about. I am pretty sure you will survive.

  43. Is it naive of me to be hoping for a Shannon-esque mass update after not posting for a few days?

  44. Obviously the site is lacking recently, and the best they can do is these tattoos. Also, I too believe it was a much better and more informative site when someone else ran it.

    That being said, I don’t see any of the bitching posters here taking it upon themselves to create a website that can fill the gap (myself included). And I wouldn’t be surprised if submissions are down, considering I’ve been following bme since the shannon reign and its the people that just reply that don’t know shit about mods or the community that bash everyone else that have made me not want to post. I rececntly made one a submission, in hopes to show the other side of modifications, to show people that there’s not always a “pretty” side, and I got bashed left and right for it. So, im probably not going to ever post something on here again. Most of the nonmembers and even a good percent of the members are such uppity pricks that its not worth it. Its a public site, and not everyones going to 100% happy all the time, get over it.

  45. Omg Rachel you’re a bitch! Omg Shannon was better! Omg you haven’t posted an update for a week you slack cunt! Omg BME has no soul! Omg why can’t we see pics of hacks performing surgery in dirty hotel rooms! Omgomgomgomgomgognmmgmimleavingforever!

    Seriously guys. If you hate BME so much now, the door is that way. You think bitching, whining, moaning, calling BME staff members names and other such bullshit is actually going to make them -listen- to you? You think they will go “Well gee, maybe these filthy-mouthed hicks have it right!”?

    Treat people with respect and put forth your suggestions and criticisms in a constructive and diplomatic manner and then maybe they will listen to you. Maybe then you’ll actually sound like someone worth listening to.

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