Head Asplode

So, uh, wow. Look, we don’t really know what’s going on here, but this isn’t the sort of thing that we can’t post, OK? So let’s just try to anticipate some of your questions here and provide you with the answers you deserve. Yes, there are piercings (six-gauge septum, fourteen-gauge lip). Yes, we realize they are not in any way the focus of this picture. Yes, we would have been tempted to Photoshop piercings into the picture if there had been none, just to have an excuse to post it (sorry). No, we do not have any contact information for this brave soldier. Yes, we will be glad to publish anything they submit in future (as long as it involves leopard print). Yes, we considered the Nightmare Fuel tag. Yes, we may add it retroactively depending on how tonight’s attempt at sleep goes.

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26 thoughts on “Head Asplode

  1. dude….stop….quantity doesn’t make up for quality…damn man, this is the first time I had to be negative but seriously…stop posting crap Jordon….in fact it would be great if you personally stopped posting anything.

  2. Wow….classy. Guess I will stop reading, Thanks for the advice. Good advice for everyone at this point. t, I have no idea why you or anyone else thinks you were an appropriate person to post here, It’s sad to see Modblog/BME represented by an idiot. Comon Rachel, wise up.

  3. This truly is horrifying. :\

    EvilSleepy – You complain there isn’t enough quantity, but you also want Jordan (who now posts just about everything that’s on modblog) to stop posting?? Take a side and fucking stay with it!

    This photo may be scary as shit and has nothing to do with mods for the most part, but hot damn… I’d have posted it too!!

  4. Ya, my advice is to hire somebody competent, intelligent, articulate, witty, reliable, knowledgeable about body modification, experienced……stop me when you see one trait that can be found in Jordan cuz I aint listed one yet…….

  5. I have to agree with EvilSleepy. The commentary is not funny. It’s just annoying now. I really used to enjoy reading the write-ups with each posting, now I usually stop after the first attempt at a witty description. Are there never any serious columns anymore? What happened to Modblog?

  6. Guess im the only one who cant get enough of Aloe 😛

    Unique funny shot of a long time community member – why is this not good ? (rhetorical question 😛 )

  7. @5 – If you’re throwing out so many criteria for an editor, perhaps they should all be objective? Just saying.

    Personally, I’ve never really doubted Jordan’s competence in the English language, nor his intelligence. The fact that he is currently enrolled in college also tends to support this. As far as being articulate, again… I’ve never been reading any of his posts and had to re-read for clarity, nor have I found any deficiencies in his vocabulary. Your next two stipulations for what I can only assume to be your ‘ideal editor’ are “witty” and “reliable”. Both of these are wholly subjective and therefore not worth much dissection, just suffice it to say that you’re never going to please everyone. Anywho, as far as Jordan’s knowledge of body modification, the man does not falsely claim to be a universal body-mod expert, but I have never found major issue in his terminology or understanding of what is involved in the procedures / events that he writes about. Furthermore, I don’t see how you can say Jordan is not experienced…. has he, or has he not been editor-in-chief of modblog for several months? Does that just magically not count?

    We’re not in primary school, no one is forcing you to read anything. If you think your own skills to be superior, by all means be true to yourself and create that which you wish to see. It is a waste of time to focus on the past, it just messes up the present for everyone who’s doing what they can. So with all due respect: be constructive and do your part to facilitate the evolution of this community, or else FUCK OFF.

  8. @ 10:

    But seriously, while I wouldn’t express myself like 5 (since I think Jordan is plenty competent, articulate, etc), when was the last time you read an article or an interview on BME that was actually worth taking 20-30 minutes to read?

    I don’t think the writing quality has immensely gone down, I just think that the subject matter has not been nearly on par with what it used to be.

    People seem to be incapable of expressing themselves these days without telling people to fuck off… what’s the deal?

  9. Ok, I’m going to admit I overstated Jordan’s shortcomings, and I’ll also concede that it was an immature response on my part to his immature “like it or leave it” style comment.

    That being said, #11 probability sums it up a lot better and less hostility then I did. I just don’t appreciate Jordan’s choices of posts, or his commentary. Rachel’s posts are slightly better but also sub par. I’m not gonna take this onto a “bring back Shannon” rant I’m just saying, please, for the love of us BME/IAM/MODBLOG people that been here for years and years, bought tons of your BME crap, and even have BME tattoos…….head our advice…get someone else to be the main poster..Jordan is ruining it..he’s just not right for the main posting responsibilities.

  10. When any publication changes hands, things change. BME is no exception. Shannon’s not here anymore and he’s not going to magically swoop in and save the day. It’s very tiring to see people constantly ragging on Jordan. There were no updates for a few days, we bitched like hell. Now, we got a ton of updates! …and we’re bitching like hell.

    This photo amuses me and I am pleased to see it on the internet.

  11. @ 11 and 12 – Now we’re getting somewhere. I can appreciate your concerns, and John, I will address your question: (even if it was intended to be rhetorical haha) the last post that I really sat down and dug my teeth into was last month when Jordan interviewed Bob Roberts. I thought it was fucking great, that man is a legend and it was wonderful to read an interview with him on modblog. And while the general consensus of this article seemed to of course be positive, only 17 people had anything at all to say about it. It would seem to be that although individuals such as yourself (don’t worry, I fall into this group as well) enjoy in-depth, challenging articles, I do agree with numerous people who have already hinted at the fact that there simply is not stuff of that caliber happening every single day. And even if there were, modblog also has the distinct task of acting as sort of an introductory service to help familiarize people with aspects of the community they may not be familiar with, and as such, may not always want to read 10 pages to get the gist of it. I for one was relatively “green” when I began reading this blog. I’d never even heard of a subincision before, so it was perfect for me to be able to read a commentary, clickthrough, and see a photo. If i had clicked though and there was a large breakdown, I probably would have had to come back later, and find time to read it. So like I said, I absolutely see where you’re coming from, but you gotta see the other side as well. I for one also immensely appreciate Jordan’s levity given his position. I’ve met plenty of people who take themselves and their mods with the utmost seriousness. I think if you can’t take a step back and be goofy with things, pretty much anything in life gets kind of boring. Of course that is just me, I cannot speak for anyone else. I also realize I probably am not going to change your point of view, but that’s fine.

  12. @ CerpinTaxt

    I completely agree: some levity in life is always due. I guess what I’m struggling with is the fact that I know Jordan is capable of writing incredibly in depth, interesting, and well written articles as well as the silly stuff (I mean, his last name IS ‘Ginsberg’). His book reviews in the past have been very interesting and, I can’t seem to find it now, but I know I’ve read a super long, well written interview that he did. So why do we only see, as of late, the silly, lighthearted stuff?

    I agree that modblog can serve as an introduction to modification, but it used to also provide interesting opinions and discussion on the heavier stuff, that new people definitely haven’t been introduced to (which is ALSO just as important).

    The first article I EVER read on modblog was “how to juice a testicle.” Not gonna lie, I was pretty shocked after I saw that (‘green’ as you put it) and didn’t want to come back… but secretly I did. That sort of introduction I think can sometimes be a good thing. Let’s just try not to make a definite call on it either way and keep seeing some of the serious/edgy/heavy stuff mixed in with some of the lighter, tattoo, “check out those sexy hips” kinda things.

    Also, @ 13, don’t confuse discussion with bitching. There are TONS of blogs on the internet that update tons of times per day that I don’t read because I’m not interested in what they’re writing about. It’s stupid to assume that I’m going to read something just because someone updates it everyday. Here, I am interested and thus I read. Publications do change, but as an avid reader, perhaps an honest suggestion as to what I feel might make me pass the blog along to all my friends is not something that I would consider bitching.

  13. Very valid, John. Well we certainly know that Jordan and Rachel check the comments, at least from time to time, so I’d like to think that your constructive criticism will be welcomed. I for one am also rather interested to see regional coverage idea that Rachel recently proposed. If nothing else, thanks for being interesting to discuss things with.

  14. what is going on in between that dude’s legs? looks like somebody just shopped out a perfect triangle there or something.

  15. oppositronic i thought the same thing when i saw it! If you look closely you’ll see its a shirt popping out under the bottom of a jacket.

  16. First, my bad; I’ve been slacking on making my IAM account forever.
    My reply to everyone who e-bitches so much that I cannot enjoy reading comments posted:
    What are you going to do about it?

  17. Though sometimes I am in favor of Jordan’s witty and lighthearted style of writing I do feel that it takes away from the subject matter. Cracking a few jokes is uplifting, especially in the case of heavier mods. But when a whole post is a run on joke it’s dissapointing… and gets old VERY fast. I visit BME daily to inform myself on a lifestyle that intrigues me and is very much a dominating factor in my own existence. Unfortunately, I’m getting increasingly disspointed by the lack of raw information and quality posts. (This post being no exception.)

    I understand that BME is going through a major overhaul and I appereciate the fact that it’s still up and running, period. Just something to keep in mind though…

  18. i like this. sadly, hataz be errrrverywheeeere. *sigh*

    please, jordan. continue. i love the updates. and even if i think they’re “crap” i’d rather be able to weed through things myself and choose to linger on the things i DO appreciate. can’t win if you don’t try, right?

  19. though sometimes I don’t particularly enjoy what is posted by Jordan, I think he’s great. his humor cheers me up daily. it’s all preference, right? things change, modblog is no exception. all in all, I <3 Jordan. let him be.

  20. i think this photo is more interesting and funny than some photoshopped glam shot of yet another girl and her nipple. Variety is the spice of life. Honestly, I skip over most of the modblog posts, but this picture made me chuckle. Quit yer bitchin, people.

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