He’s a wildman

Drop dead gorgeous, sultry, off the charts sexy..  these are just a few of the phrases I’d use to describe Bradde.  He exudes raw animalistic sex appeal.  He’s also a hell of a guy and makes a mean chili.  That lucky lady on his arm is Bethany.  She’s used to everyone being jealous of her, so it’s ok to admit it here.  She was the one that beat back the thousands to win Bradde’s heart, and the two of them make a power couple the world has never seen before.  If you get a chance to check out one of the Mercury Suspension Team‘s shows, you’re in for a treat as these two put on quite a show.

7 thoughts on “He’s a wildman

  1. These guys put on an awesome show with Flec’s Bizzaro Circus Sideshow at the Gathering of the Juggalos last thursday!! It was great seeing Bradde again!!

  2. bradde is awesome! blue mountain steel is lucky to have him as their salesman. i want to have his babies. with a bit of b-b-q sauce.

  3. The radiation of hot sexiness coming from these two hath singed mine ovaries!!!

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