Two for one

I did some digging and from what I can tell, we haven’t featured scalpelled nipples on ModBlog since 2008.  According to Gábor (IAM: Wyrd) the nipples were scalpelled to 6mm.  On top of the nipples, Gábor also did the tattoo on the back of the client’s hand.

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5 thoughts on “Two for one

  1. i am interested in knowing about how easily this procedure heals. Does anyone know? Obviously, it depends upon each person’s body, but I am wondering about the success rate on something like this.

  2. my first thought wasn’t “i wonder how much that hurt?” strangely enough. my first though was, “god damn that is sexy”

    but that definitely must’ve felt interesting =p

  3. Kudos to those who can go ahead with the procedure, but the thought of having my own nipples made me gag a little bit.

    They look fucking AWESOME though.

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