The mystical scar

I’m always amazed at the variety of scarification work out there. While the thought of actually getting any done myself is absolutely terrifying, I am often in awe of the work I see on others. Benbodhi’s piece is no exception. He got this work done at the 2nd Sydney Expo and I’m assuming it was done by multiple artists as he lists, and under the artist credit.

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Wherever You Go

And so, continuing today’s impressive streak of highly pleasant young women—a rarity around these parts, we know—here we have Mindi, the pride of Brisbane, sporting, well…a lot of pretty excellent looking work, to be honest, and can count among the contributing artists the eminently talented jOELTRON and Brendan, the latter of whom we’ve noted here a few times lately. This, then? A lovely collision of some of our recent favorites. We love it when a plan comes together.

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You Got Me For Now

Hoo boy, this is just some excellent work right here, eh folks? The very talented Brendan Russell checks in all the way from 2012 Tattoo and Piercing in Newcastle, Australia, with this stunning Día de los Muertos-inspired scarification piece, featuring some of the finest cross-hatch and skin removal we’ve seen in quite some time. As always, it’ll be very interesting to see how this bad boy heals up, but for the time being? This is getting the job done for us.

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Before The Creation

Welcome back, folks! Hope you all had the loveliest of weekends (and are continuing to enjoy a long weekend, if you have the fortune of being a Canadian government employee). Let us begin the ever-illustrious Shark Week with this intricate, Flower of Life-ish cutting by Brendan Russell at 2012 Tattoo and Piercing in Newcastle, Australia, who writes in to say, “ModBlog my arse, I am always submitting my work to you and other crap gets put up.” Ha ha, zing! Well, here you are, Sir. This is pretty tremendous work here.

Let’s get off on the good foot this week, ModBloggers, even if whales are more your speed than sharks.

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