You call that a septum ring?

Those of you who are Christians and believe the Bible is the word of gawd, or who buy into the many “photos” of archeological dig sites showing it, there was a time when Andrew the Giant was known as Andre the Dwarf. Genesis chapter six begins (and you can look this up if you don’t believe me, I’m not pranking you),

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

But what you might not know is that the Archbishop of Canterbury, when doing the King James Bible edit, removed the next line, which reads, “And those giants, they were pierced, they were pierced with fucking giant rings.” Carl, an archeologist at the California Tattoo Company, theorizes that the ring he discovered on a recent excavation is a septum ring, but I know better. It’s not called a Prince Gibborim for nothing you know. Zoom in if you’d like, by the way.

Bubbles and Blindfolds

It’s the weekend — and a long weekend here in Canada — so I hope you can permit me to post a couple of silly YouTube videos. The first one I want to share with you is of our old friend Rafa Mendes, who you probably know has a ginormous lip plate. If you’ve ever watched videos of indigenous cultures that wear large lip plates eating and drinking, you know that they sometimes integrate their lip discs into the activity, using them as bowls and such from time to time. Rafa takes a trip down that road and uses his to blow soap bubbles in this clip.

I’ve got to post a thumbnail of that as well because it’s just so charming. The size of your lip disc may not determine the size of your wedding dowry any more, but it does at least determine how much fun you’re going to have entertaining the little kids at the the wedding you’re invited to!

The other video is maybe a bit more controversial, and for the obvious reasons you’d assume when I tell you it’s filed in the “Dildo” category. That’s because it’s my friend from Dildo Tattoo Studio ( in Greece having some maniacal fun doing a “piercer challenge” at the shop to test their piercing kung fu… That’s right… BLINDFOLDED PIERCING. They tell me that the next challenge is a blindfolded eyebrow piercing. I hope they’re kidding — the only time I want to see a needle in the eyeball is when it’s injecting ink.

Ok, I mostly hope they’re kidding.

And before you get all stick-up-your-ass cranky about this, these are all friends just goofing around together. It’s harmless fun. Or I should say “low harm fun”. Either way, it makes me happy to see people having fun.

How The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program Began

If we learned anything from Project Serpo [], it’s that the Zeta Reticulans fucking love flesh hooks.

Seriously, is it just me, or does resurrection suspension really look a lot like some sort of Fire In The Sky sort of alien abduction? I guess I see aliens before resurrection because I was brought up on science fiction, not on the Bible, so when someone is being drawn up into the skies, it’s an act of the Greys, not an act of God. This picture is from the wonderful suspension campout that I posted earlier in the week — be sure to check out that entry if you haven’t already seen it.

Click the picture to see the original, as it really happened.

Juggalo Jesse in Ink

I can’t imagine there’s a single BME regular who doesn’t know Jesse Star, and many of us have known him throughout his remarkable body modification journey (which I’m sure is still ongoing). I was both amused and pleased to see the tattoo that Josh Taylor got in the middle of his back. Yes, it’s true, it’s getting covered up as he blackens himself, but still, I think Jesse can say he’s reached a certain level of bodmod success if people are tattooing his visage on themselves, even temporarily. But my favorite part of the story is that they haven’t just tattooed over him in a single step. As they’re getting close to finished, they’ve “updated” Josh’s Jesse into Juggalo mode!


Click to zoom that picture for a close-up view of the tattoos. The inset picture is how it started of course. For those that haven’t seen Jesse Star lately, I have to share a recent picture showing a small part of his wonderful collection of body modifications.