Creative Nostril Project

I wanted to share this creative and unique nostril project by Dana Dinius at HTC Body Piercing, Phoenix North. Another great example of taking a basic, accessible, mainstream set of piercings and turning them into something special that will turn the heads of both the jaded piercing elite and who don’t know the difference between a daith and a fourchette.



Stunning fashion photo of Teya Salat of St. Petersburg, Russia and her incredible throat and collar tattoo that really brings out that “Madonna with the Long Neck” beauty. Just a sensation photo merging a very bold and over-the-top tattoo with traditional beauty that people would swoon over no matter the cultural bias or point in history.


Spiked Symmetry

This is for all those symmetry fans out there.  Well, provided you can overlook the nostril piercing only being on one side.

This pair of 1 month old 14g (large-based) Anatometal dermal anchors was put in by Joeltron.

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Blue lights, big nostrils

As far back as people have been putting holes in themselves, they’ve also been shoving anything they could find into said holes.  Gnomoweb is no different.  With his big nostrils and septum, he’s able to get what I think is a mini-light saber, all the way through his nose.  He’s also got a big hole in his lip for a lip plate, but you can’t really see it in this photo.