A pointed profile

With his vast assortment of modifications, the Mechanical Demon has transformed from a human into something much more.  While I don’t have the list of artists who have worked on him, I do know that Arseniy Andersson is responsible for the ear pointing/reshaping.

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The Spaces In Between

As many tattooed ModBlog readers know, eventually you can get to a point where you’ve covered most of an area in tattoos.  However, when someone’s collection is made up of a variety of pieces, they can end up with small spaces between each piece.  The spaces will no doubt be large enough to be noticed, but too small to fill in with a new piece.  So what do people do?  They get filler.  Most of the time filler can be things like flowers, water, smoke, shading, extending a piece, etc.  The point is to make the area completely covered, while maintaining the integrity of each individual space.  So what does this have to do with this post?  Well, from what I can tell, these multicolored skulls are being used as a filler to bridge the two pieces together.  And even though they may be a filler piece, they still look good and could be held up on their own as an individual tattoo.

Skulls by Dieter Schuster from Deviant Life in Surrey, BC

Death Before Dishonour

I love the story Jackie Rabbit has for this tattoo.  It starts off with a soldier calling up asking for a “Death Before Dishonour” tattoo.  Now he wanted something unique and crazy, and large enough to cover his upper arm.  The catch, he was deploying in 2 days and needed it done the next morning.  Thankfully she had an opening the next day, and this is what came out of her overnight artistry.

At least he didn’t want a sweet tatty of roses with the names & birth and death dates of all of his relatives in arabic, as well as their portraits.  It will make him look cool and hip and intellectual, it has special meaning that will reflect his pain and loss and make him a sensitive bad ass.  Oh, and it has to be on his foot and small so his parents can’t see it.

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Into the fire

The story behind this piece is simple, every day, all across the world, brave men and women face death head on to save the lives of strangers.  Every time one enters a burning building to save someone, they take the chance of never walking out again.  This isn’t a tattoo about death, it’s about being proud of those who put their lives on the line every day.

Tattoo by Michael Ashworth, from Artistic Impressions in Katy, TX.


Here’s the other photo I mentioned earlier that was sent in by FemaleHumanoid.  The focus here is not just on the couple, but also their tattoos.  In fact I’d hazard a guess that the point of the photo is to showcase the work, that just happens to be on these two individuals.  As with the earlier post, you’ll definitely want to go to the gallery to see the full sized version of this photo so you can get a better look at the tattoos.