Even unicorns have bad days

You ever have one of those nights where you’re just in a foul mood, and need to drink away your problems.  You hit the bars, smoke a lot, and down any kind of booze you can find.  After you’re good and sauced, you get into a fight, and hit on someone, not necessarily in that order.  The next morning you awake with the hangover from hell and the only thing your body is capable of doing is getting everything out as quick as possible.

Well, this can happen to unicorns too.  Don’t think that just because they’re all rainbows and sunshine they can’t have a bad day.  You know how hard it is to constantly be happy and prance about with a heart tattooed on your ass?  Well, if you ever see a unicorn out on a binge, make sure to stay out of their way, lest you end up gored by a horn and covered in rainbow vomit.

Evil_Emil sent in this piece by Pecka Lindahl from Pecka’s Tatueringskonst, in Östersund, Sweden.

That Hobbit’s Eating An Egg

The last time we checked in with Dustin Poole from Sacred Balance in Calgary, Alberta, we were admiring this excellent sleeve and this sultry silver lady. This time around, though, we have this vulgar unicorn porno, starring this poor, once-majestic creature who passed out drunk one fateful night and woke up in a bathtub with those sinful male bits sewed to his forehead. Life can be so cruel.

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