Finger Fun!

On the left is Carlovely with her fangtastic Twilight inspired finger fangs by Andrew Stortz, Body Art Tattoo, Plattsburgh, NY.

On the right? Well it’s a moustache and it’s by Emiliano, Happy Family Tattoo, Italy.

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29 thoughts on “Finger Fun!

  1. haha my group of friends says Edgar Allan Poe looks like Hitler based on the moustache…
    because they’re dumb :)

    anyways I like Chaplin.

    and the fangs are BRILLIANT.

  2. Tranque – I hate YOU! ;)
    …. hehehe not a lot of people like that series, but it’s like my life :)

    nonetheless, I still love these.

  3. #9 a lot of people had little moustaches like that besides adolf hitler.
    kind of like how a lot of people had the swastika before the nazis.
    just because you choose to see hitler and be offended doesnt mean that we all must.

  4. Sorry but I can’t stand these tattoos…I personally think that finger “moustache” tattoos are fucking retarded…usually gotten by a 20-something “MySpacer”… I know hah ha, so Ironic…get a tattoo because of passion , not “fashion”…this is the tattoo equivalent of going to a bar and ordering a Red-Headed-Slut or a Jager-Bomb….sorry, don’t mean to be harsh; don’t know these people…it’s their body and they can do (and have done) what they damn well please…I’m just an old grouch lately.
    But i mean seriously….how many thousands of times are these dimwits going to knee-jerkedly put their finger under their nose every time one of their drunken friends pulls out the digital camera to document another vapid pose-fest? Sometimes I wish cameras could really steal souls.

  5. Kevin – Wow.

    The point that quite a few people have made over the past few (hundred) years and also on ModBlog is that the person that has the tattoo doesn’t find it “retarded” at all, and the the fact they took the time to think about the planning, location, design, take a photo of it and submit it, means they love it to bits. That’s my take anyway.

    I have numerous silly tattoos which I adore. You know, if more than one person has the same tattoo in a similar place/style it doesn’t at all lessen the happiness that it brings either of them.

    If you had any non-vapid-pose-fest photos you can submit, please do, because we’ve not received anything from you as of yet.

  6. Roo–
    point taken, and yeah, I’ve done a bunch of vapid posing in the past, and probably will in the future.
    I get bummed ’cause these tattoos are so trendy…I just don’t think they’re “cute” or “funny”, just really dumb.
    Maybe it’s the fact that the moustache/tear/fang/etc. finger tattoos are so popular…do these guys/gals really think that this one-hit-wonder of a joke is funny/quirky enough to put it on them forever? It’s almost like the guy that passed out drunk at the party wakes up and, upon seeing his Sharpied face in the mirror, then decides to tattoo all his friend’s inebriated scrawlings…Don’t know..i know I’m being harsh and judgemental….just one of those weeks. I do get your point though. thanks for letting to me vent.

  7. Kevin – It’s all good :)

    But adding to what we’ve said already, if you have some “fangtastic finger fangs” or a finger moustache, how can you not strike a pose to show them off.. whether they do it on the street or just for the photo, it’s all good fun.

    Tattoos eh, they’re too flipping popular!!

  8. hehe such cuties! you know they dont take themselves too seriously with lil tats like those! i dont see it as any different than getting other common motifs as tattoos. Its an everchanging culture, and im pleased that body mod is becoming more acceptable.

  9. Squig – Its an everchanging culture, and im pleased that body mod is becoming more acceptable.

    u know what seeing this just made me think. i was at my college enrollment day a few months ago and there was three girls behind me and they go OMG. that girl over there has a peircing on her chest!!

    i was just siting there thinking psssh get over it.

    : ] i just felt the need to share that lol

  10. i’ve never seen fangs before. they are sweet. like a teeny bat!
    i like the tache but i prefer the tache on the grey kitten that was posted a while back… eep!

  11. ugh i’m going to be a total nerd and say that the ”twilight” vampires don’t actually have fangs :/
    in the books thats considered one of the ”myths” humans made about them :)

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