This Week in BME

IAM: xronix

A fine week, in the books. Some highlights:

  • We had apples.
  • La Negra popped in and, as usual, lit up our lives.
  • Some people find tattoo shops in malls an affront to everything that the art-form stands for, while some merely hate the idea.
  • Scotty may or may not have left a mark on that handsome chair.
  • Noobs were told to STFU, and some people did not approve.
  • Paul King schooled us on nipples.
  • And that’s all for this week, folks. We’ll pop in a couple times over the weekend, and then it’s back to normal, bright and early-ish on Monday morning. Happy Halloween, ModBlog. Stay safe.

    20 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. Its a hot photo, he does look good but unfortunately to many facial piercings do detract what what is a very pretty look.

      I get the facial piercings are the main focus of the photo although serious with two or three removed you would still have the intense focus without the “clutter” . 🙂

    2. What a handsome gentleman 😀
      Congratulations for Izazella- great session ;D

      Keep going szujo ;p

    3. Izazella make good job for you bejbe-you was dreaming about professional session and you have it!!!

    4. wouldnt have it any other way. eryting is very semetical and really coplements his face, plus that scarf is the shit!

    5. it is 2 many peaircings i think its the eyebrows and anti eyebrows

      they do look abit clutterd amazing ears thou nicely streched (y)

    6. Lovely picture he has a great dress sense, but too many facial piercings for me.
      Maybe he needs to know sometimes less is more!

    7. i keep coming back 2 this pic. his face is a work of art i don know y ery one thinks its 2 much

    8. i like how his piercings looks, yes are more than a few..but looks greats! simetrical, good healty, interesting distribution on his face anatomy, blackline
      suits him so well-

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